25 Fantasy Closets & 6 Tips

February 16, 2017

Aerin Lauder luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes: Aerin Lauder
I showed you a photo of the "hers" little closet in
our master bedroom reveal which apparently
had been used as a panic room before we bought
the fixer, and in case you are wondering, it makes one
feel extremely vulnerable to invite the world wide web
into your dressing area, capiche?

(On the subject of vulnerability and blogging, I
salute all of you brave bloggers who put yourself
out there and step into the arena for every post,
whether it's revealing your home or your heart.
Opening yourself up to scrutiny, trolls,
and viewers who never dare to enter that arena...
aint easy or all beer and skittles in laptopland.)

But back to closets.
Can closets be all beer and skittles?

My simple, stenciled dressing room in our prior home.

I was pretty spoiled in our last home,
where in my studio's closet,
my husband built those rolling industrial
garment racks, there was room for an armoire,
and the closet was flooded with
glorious natural light.
(And yes, I am aware this closet appears
to belong to a toddler with its fairy lights
and tiny clothes...it was a styled shoot
and truth be told, I had so much storage in 
that huge house, your minimalist friend also
had spare decor in the closets!)

Closets are easy to neglect and feel shameful about.

I am collecting ideas for making mine look prettier
and improving its function, and how lucky
are we to have access to a whole Pinterestnation
and Blogosphere to borrow inspiration?

Let's start with practical closet organizing tips
then proceed to fantasyville, for a LUXURY
TOUR OF CLOSETS from stylish personalities.

Here are 6 tips for creating more organized,
skittle-icious closets from lovely bloggers,
and do visit them for the full scoop.

Cozy Lighting.
I am super sensitive to lighting, so I loved how Mary Ann of
Classic Casual Home added a lamp to cozy up her closet.
"The table lamp gives off more ambient lighting than just the over head recessed lights."

Shoe Shelving.
Bri of Design Love Fest joked that since her shoes were
simply thrown into a pile on the closet floor, she would pray
to find the right pair when she needed them until shelves
came to the rescue to take advantage of vertical space.
 "In Bri’s closet, we picked up 4 shelving units to store her shoes by type and color. Maximizing vertical space is the best way to keep everything in view."

Pretty Boxes.
Oh Joy reminds us that containers storing less needed items
can become a decorative accent.
 "I like to see decorative boxes on shelves to stores scarves and other hard-to-wrangle accessories. With Joy’s new closet, she can now store winter gear and clothes not used as often on the top shelf and swap out as needed."

Fix What is Broken.
From Just a Girl and Her Blog, I thought this was
an important tip for organization: 
"This space had a lot of broken systems. Shoes were piled up on the floor, getting mixed up and gathering dust. My sweaters were up so high that I had to grab a step stool to reach them. There were so many hangers squished into one row that we could barely find what we needed. We definitely wanted to fix all of these things with the new closet."

Simple Switches.
My friend Leslie of Segreto Finishes shared an awesome
insider professional tip for giving your closet a facelift
in this post where she suggests switching out hangers:
"In my previous closet I used wooden and slim line hangers. I think I bought them all at Marshalls / Home Goods.  Taking the acrylic cabinet fronts into consideration, Hilda recommended I use clear plastic and metal pant hangers for a more streamlined look."

Save Steps.
If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet or
dressing room, Leslie of Pretty Petals reminds us
to outfit it with this must have.
"Get a full length mirror for your closet.  Prior to having this I’d run downstairs to the nearest mirror and try to see if everything was fitting properly.  It’s nice to have something in your closet or bedroom that will help make busy mornings run more smoothly."

And now for the beautiful closet parade!
Meet me at the finish line and let me know
which one is your favorite!!!

Blair Eadie  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Blair Eadie

Brooke Shields  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Brooke Shields

Ellen Degeneres  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets -Ellen DeGeneres

Elton John  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Elton John

Gisele Bundchen
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Gisele Bundchen

Jenna Lyons  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Jenna Lyons

Jessica Alba  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Jessica Alba

Keri Russell  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Keri Russell

Kloe Kardashian  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Kloe Kardashian

Kloe Kardashian  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Kloe Kardashian

Lisa Vanderpump  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Lisa Vanderpump

Lubov Azria  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Lubov Azria

Marc Jacobs  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Marc Jacobs

Mariah Carey  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes - Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Fantasy Closets - Mariah Carey

Monique Lhullier  luxury fantasy closet
Decor Inspiration: Celebrity Closets - Monique Lhullier

Nina Garcia  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes: Nina Garcia

Olivia luxury fantasy closet Palermo
Celebrity Homes: Olivia Palermo

Rachel Zoe  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes:Rachel Zoe

Ralph Lauren  luxury fantasy closet
 Celebrity Homes: Ralph Lauren

Tommy Hilfiger  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes: Tommy Hilfiger

Banner for Hello Lovely Studio 25 Fantasy Closets
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Nate Berkus  luxury fantasy closet
Celebrity Homes:Nate Berkus

Talk to me about your closets, friends.
Share your shame or joy, oui?
And which of these fantasy closets
rocked your socks most?

Peace to you right where you are.

Hello Lovely Studio Michel pointe shoes ballet slippers denim

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  1. I love the Ralph Lauren closet....

    Take a look at hisugarplumsblog.com - she just revealed her closet makeover and it's amazing, too.

    1. wow!!! dazzling closet makeover, and the vertical space is insane! thank for sharing, friend. xox

  2. As long as there's a window or natural light source, I think I could live in Gisele's closet! These are all amazing including yours! Wow, do I have lots of work to do..........

    1. can i live in there with you? we can paint all day long. :)

  3. Ralph Lauren hands down... But here's a thought, remove the fruite wood stain grade and do a vintage wash like your new old doors that finish will win me totally over, a good fit for men and women. This closet is a gentlemans room to love.


    1. hahahaha i like how yer mind works, frenchie. and i'm loving the styled images from your home you are gramming--gorgeous yum. xox

  4. Mariah's closet is pretty nice but Lisa Vanderpump's takes the cake! What a heavenly space!

    1. i could live in lisa's closet for sure with its romance and boutique feel! thanks for reading, katherine. xox

  5. I am honored to be included with this group of AMAZING closets!! Mine definitely not as glamorous but a big before and after!! Best to you sweet friend!!


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