20 Timeless Rooms by Kerry Joyce

November 15, 2016

When I glimpsed images of the gorgeous L.A. studio
that award winning designer Kerry Joyce
designed for his firm (Kerry Joyce Associates) in
Milieu (winter '16), I immediately thought:
Now, this is how to envision a tranquil work space
which will encourage peace and productivity.


Can you feel the effect of the light in here?
This is Kerry Joyce Associates' studio
with its cerused oak table
stretching for miles and designed by
Joyce for Oprah's 55th birthday celebration.
(It's a dream of mine to have my beloved
construct a crazylong harvest table for
dinners of a lifetime with kindred.)


Hello, lovely entrance...I think I might
be happy simply as a dusting custodian
for an office space like this.


All the honey tones and textures.
So many feels. Just makes me smile.

Enjoy the eye and soul candy of these
exquisitely designed Kerry Joyce interiors,
do pin away like there's no tomorrow,
and meet me below in the comment section to dish
(it's where all the cool design kids hang).


A honeycomb sea of lovely underfoot. 

Makes me feel better about our windows
here at the fixer which are similar and not my favorite.

Ha! I have three of these 3-legged stools,
and their three-ness is meaningful for me.

So, so much to learn, and the sumptuousness
of his rooms just beckons me.

Kerry Joyce, I have a crush on you.

I would cook and serve you a fabulous brunch
in this charming space, and we would whisper
our plans for a lovely world revolution.

Please...if you have an extra surfboard
lying about, send it over to elevate
my humble fixer bathroom here
so it can feel like a Kerry Joyce lovely.

The wall color above?
I'd name it
"restorative nurture."


It's funny.
Joyce explained to Milieu that his airy, clean,
spare studio space is designed as such since he
"wants only to be distracted by the problem at hand,
which is the designing of a fabric or an interior
or another product."
I totally get this.
His tranquil timeless spaces are so
beautifully illumined that the mind
and heart are set free and can operate
in harmony and peace.

Let's not just ooh and ahhh.
Let's inhale the timeless beauty
and let it calm our fears
so that with each exhale,
we leave the air
just a little
more pure.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Beautiful, tranquil spaces Michele! Enjoy your day today:)


Your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.


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