Artist Inspiration: Melissa James

September 23, 2016

Transitioning into autumn is
the perfect time to be treated to
a cozy collection
of photographs from
Melissa James,
a dreamy Chicago artist who
happens also to be a friend from childhood.

But first. Recall a story I told you about
a panic attack experienced
a couple of years back?

No, not that one.

The one where I found myself
outside of a friend's house
holding a bling-studded Chihuahua while
confronted by a giant raccoon on hind legs.
So terrified was I, I squeezed my eyes shut
and shrieked like a child
(it's what I call her) and required a tall
brother-in-law to sprint out the door,
physically lift
then transport me, my panic,
and the pooch inside the house.

Oy. It was not an act of exhibitionism.
I am simply more of an indoorswoman.
Hush my mouth now...

Perched fashionably and gazing listlessly
on the cushion above?

The very same chihuahua.
Her name? Jinx.

Melissa's work is hauntingly beautiful,
and for me,
causes time to stand still in a way
fine art mysteriously manages to do.

Look at how the wind is captured beautifully.

The artist has always had exquisite taste,
and her talents for interior design
are legendary for those of us
who have been recipients
of her work.

But what becomes clearer
as you view more
of her portfolio
is how skilled
and keen an eye
hers is
for styling
humans too

If you are a photographer, you recognize
it's a wholly different beast to both
style, direct, then snap
moments of models in motion.

Herein lies the secret triune combination
(at least in my opinion)
lying at the heart of Melissa's great talent:
eclecticism + paradox + breadth.

Her work tends to be serious and dark,
yet her countenance is full of light, life, and laughter.
A paradox.
For she is the most comedic fine artist you will ever meet.

Should she choose to make a career change,
Ellen and Kristen Wiig best watch their backs.

When I spotted this feminine series on her instagram
(the models wear luxe lingerie by Three Graces),
I remember texting her like a mad woman:

all images - Melissa James Studio

This is art.

Hope you enjoyed the intimate
peek into Melissa's world.

Have a favorite image from above?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. For a minute I thought those pictures were you!! Very pretty, quite behind in my blog reading but trying to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning and catch up! Hope you are well....

  2. ha! when Three Graces London wants a model in their 50s, send over the lingerie and Melissa James Studio. thanks for visiting, friend. xox


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