Meet bObi {Lovely Finds}

August 17, 2016

When one is invited to review a robotic vacuum,
unless one is allergic to robots,
one happily for a week now,
bObi Classic has been a lovely
little housekeeping pet
at the fixer upper.

 bObi Classic arrives with a charger, remote control, instructions and even a birth announcement!

Speaking of allergies...mine have been out of control.
So the timing of bObi and her appetite for dust
is brilliant von brilliant.

She has rare talent for navigating corners
and glides beneath furniture without
any of the heavy lifting which can
lead to physical therapy for a non-robot.

I was also asked to submit a video of me and bObi,
and feelin' saucy with my theatre background and
musical performance past, I thought...

Bless my robot lovin soul.
I am tres amateur
and should leave that craft to the pros.

Holding an iPhone (sans selfie-stick)
while acting natural is an art.
But I did it.
So if we have never met or chatted on the phone,
you get to hear my
Chicago accent
and see my weave
just before it slips to the floor
in danger of being swallowed
by my new robot.

bObi has no trouble changing surfaces,
so she vacuums bare floors and the rugs upon them
without pausing or requiring human fingers
to manually adjust her settings.

bObi is not silent, yet as vacuum cleaners go,
her hum is quieter and more pleasant.
I'm guessing most folks do not care to be
startled by a 
ninja robot
entering a room. 

bObi is tres coordinated but unable to launch
her sweet self on to a window seat without help.


Isn't her complexion (SNOW) lovely in dappled light?

I'll tell you right now, this jute rug has never
looked so good...maybe since it doesn't show dust
I neglected it when in housework mode.
This tidy girl gets bonus points for her
way  around natural fibers.

bObi is programmable and able to go about her chores
while you are away from home, and she even returns
to her charger when it's time to get more juice.

Please do not ask me to explain how a robotic vacuum
works as I prefer to think a crew of tiny fairies inside
joyfully tool around in this bitchen white spaceship
and live for ridding our interiors
of pet hair and dust mites.

Here are some particulars:

There is something very gratifying
about saying to no-robot-in-particular
on your way out the door,
"Pick up the place while I'm out, baby."

You can adopt your own

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Based on your recommendation, I purchased Bobi on Amazon. I have a cat so will see how much hair is collected in the waste bin. My sister has a different brand and she loves hers.

  2. i hope you enjoy her. she's a sweet robot. peace to you.


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