Lovely Finds: These Bitty Business Cards {Moo}

July 18, 2016

Just re-ordered these unique calling/business cards
from Moo with my own photos  and everything
is 25% off right now through Friday, July 22nd!

MOO Business Cards 

(Use these links to order, and you won't pay
anything extra yet I will earn a few pennies.)
Why are MOO Cards my absolute favorite?

*finest quality
*ease of ordering
*fabulous value.

MOO Business Cards 

I chose the mini cards on luxe paper which
remind me of a thick stick of gum and
uploaded about 50 different images for the
100 cards (you can choose up to 100!).

Everything is 25% off even if you opt for
standard size calling cards.

MOO Business Cards 

The beauty of  choosing multiple images,
is you end up with an instant portfolio of your
photography or art to show off, which makes
for a great conversation starter.

MOO Business Cards 

These cards in the mini size
are half the size of standard cards
yet twice as nice.

MOO Business Cards 

They also have designs if you need one.

MOO Business Cards 

You have a choice of standard or luxe paper.

Luxe =  Finest paper stock.

Four layers of sumptuous Mohawk Superfine sandwiched together

 to create the ultimate MiniCard.

MOO Business Cards 

The cards arrive in an adorable and durable
white box, perfect for storing the minis in your bag.

MOO Business Cards 

A few friends loved them so much they ordered them
for personal calling cards...a great way to share your email/website/blog.

MOO Business Cards 

Not sure if you can tell from my photos,
but the cards are NOT glossy with the
luxe paper which to me translates
to a more sophisticated card.

MOO Business Cards 

It was actually fun going through a bunch of
old photos on my hard drive to choose images... 

MOO Business Cards 

I bet you will love Moo...
prices are awesome even without the 25% off,
but I hope you take advantage of the sale!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I researched MOO when you shared their site with me back several months ago. Their cards are over the top wonderful and the quality speaks for itself. Your images on the cards are wonderful Lady - hope your summer is going well!

    1. thanks, joanmarie. i'm loving my blue cupboard ware!

  2. I love MOO cards!! I ordered our farm's original business cards from them; then some post cards; then I ordered these 3 part mini cards. I took loads of photos of our chickens and eggs and used those with address/number on back to put in each dozen of eggs we sell on the farm. Great company, product printing is excellent. Thanks for sharing and love your blog!!! From Northern California, Windmill Farm.

    1. thank you for sharing! i totally agree Moo cards are so versatile for business owners. best to windmill farm. xox

  3. I have loved Moo minis ever since you introduced me to them years ago. I just reordered some too because of the sale. Love the Luxe and the standard, love them all. The gloss is not glossy but more like a satin finish. I always look forward to getting new ones in the postal. It feels like a fresh start!

  4. These are great Michele! I have my (medical) cards at the office :\ Maybe someday I will need them for my blog. xo

    1. makes a fun portfolio of your beautiful photos, leslie! xox

  5. We ordered some MOO cards a few months ago and we love them! They're excellent quality and luxurious, heavy card stock. They did a great job!

  6. Such stylish, fun cards. Heard about MOO but have yet to try. Perfect timing as it's time for me to get new cards. We're moving into our new Maryland home this weekend :)
    xo L


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