{Lovely Finds} Hummingbirds, Bearded Ladies, and Why I Love DERMAflash

July 06, 2016

My mom has been crazy in love with hummingbirds
her whole life, and I guess I inherited the crazy.
Who can blame us when you consider...

*those beautiful iridescent and metallic feathers
*the ability to impossibly hover (200 beats per second), and
*their work ethic: visiting 1-2,000 nectar bearing flowers per day.

 photos - via pinterest

And can we discuss their fast metabolism?
Oh that we might borrow it once in awhile!

For me, these birds blur the boundary between
heavenly and earthly realms...and their glory inspired
the design of a new skincare device called

d e r m a f l a s h

which tenderly hums as it beautifies skin
and removes unwanted peach fuzz
in one fell swoop.

hummingbird inspired DermaFlash

The process is called dermaplaning.
I just learned about dermaplaning two months ago
when a friend raved about her experience at a spa.

Here's the thing:
we can do it at home.

similar to my own fuzzy cheek close-up

Bearded ladies come in all shapes and sizes.
Sometimes pregnancy, hormones, or genetics
are to blame, or in my case...hello, menopause!

Anyone see that episode of RHONJ where
Caroline Manzo shaved her face?
While shaving exfoliates, it can also
injure and irritate so it's not the best option.

DERMAflash is safe, easy, and unexpectedly pleasant!

**My experience**
Fuzzy wuzzy with sensitive skin? Check.
Ready-von-ready to glow? Oui.
An option without chemicals and razors?

DERMAflash works like a secret weapon, and
even apart from the lovely hummingbird design...
I T   T O T A L L Y   D E L I V E R S.

The creator of DERMAflash, Dara Levy,
formerly charged clients $125 for a dermaplaning
session at her luxury medspa in Chicago (and yep,
she has a thang for the hummingbird).

I can't say enough about Dara's design.
Holy hummingbirds.
It actually makes the process of exfoliating
j o y f u l . . .
as if this busy jewel of a bird is tenderly
kissing away dead surface cells and debris.

The first time I used it (recommended usage is once
per week), I did not want to stop dermaplaning!
Truly I am hooked on hummingbird voodoo
and my skin's fuzz-free afterglow.

Dermaflash makes way for smoother makeup application too

My only gripe?
 The 3 simple steps take only 10 minutes per week, and
frankly, I would welcome those hummingbird kisses everyday!

DERMAflash is a safe, healthy, peaceful addition
to your routine for more glowy smooth skin
without harsh chemicals.

Peace and hummingbird kisses
 to you right where you are.

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  1. You can't possibly do anything more to add to your beauty, inside and out.
    Yes my dear do paint, yet a perfect door or piece will tell you what it wants to become.

    See you and your beauty soon


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