Belgian Style Decor Inspiration {Van Duysen}

July 02, 2016

Integrity. Texture. Purity. Timelessness.
These gentle threads are weaved masterfully
in the work of Belgium-based architect and designer

Vincent Van Duysen 
who founded his design studio in Antwerp in 1990.

(Photography: Koen Van Damme)

Know what I find irresistible about Van Duysen?
The lovely stretches far beyond spareness and geometry.

Look closer.

You'll find a beautiful dance of restraint in terms of fashion
and trends so what remains is an integral artistic purity.

Purity + Tactile Bliss = Timelessness

Functionality + Durability + Comfort + Wiener Dogs = Peace

Stay tuned for a forthcoming post spotlighting
Van Duysen's amazing book that will take your breath away:
 Vincent Van Duysen: Complete Works.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hello Michele - I am loving the way you expose us to designs and the creators behind them. This style is one of my favorites and am caught up in the clean, simple, elegance. Makes me want to go on a purge session in the house and remove the unnecessary! I also appreciated your stream of consciousness post as keeping it real is what I love most about you...have a wonderful and relaxing 4th holiday my friend!

    1. Right? when we pare down to the essentials and the truly special objects, there is so much air to breathe and dream!


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