Home Tour (Michelle Adams} & Fixer Update {Week 44}

July 28, 2016

It's stormy out there today so I am curling up  
with you and my laptop before it clears
and it's back to fixer upper landscape fun
and collecting more earth under the fingernails.

The renovation keeps moving forward,
and the front entrance is improving
(keep scrolling for more peeks).

But let's tour an inspiring fixer not too far from mine which just
may prove to influence interior plans at the other cottage:

Is it even possible to make a wee colonial
fixer upper in the midwest feel
California SEXY and New York CHIC?

I'll let you decide.

Creative consultant, co-founder of Lonny
and former Domino editor
transformed her 3-bedroom 1920's
fixer upper in the heartland
into my idea of a heart-throb haven.

(Random, immature, and gratuitious throwback heart-throb for me,
my generation, and an enchanting friend of this blog...)

Michelle Adams 

Adams added these glorious bookcases which I love.
(I intend to show my fatigued beloved this image
at the same moment I offer him a slice of
my fresh baked cinnamon bread.)

Don't you love the charcoal exterior!?!

Let's go inside.

Michelle Adams

Michelle is inspired by Michele Bonan, who
designed this space in JK Place Florence
and spells his name like moi.

Michele Bonan - JK Place Florence

Are we feelin the winged glory?

Michelle Adams - master bedroom

Michelle's transparency is refreshing as she admits
to totally copying the bedroom of Alison Cayne (so
of course I had to take a gander at that one too).

Cayne's West Village bedroom and dressing area:

Alison Cayne

 Alison Cayne

Oh mama. Love the textured bedroom walls and celestial sparkles of gold.
Back to Michelle with two L's...

Michelle Adams

Ummm. I may have gazed at her rooms
without blinking,
my lime Jello quivering like this:

What a fresh and inviting renovated home in the heartland
with so many charming, beachy, and orderly-yet-boho moments.

Michelle Adams

If you admire this mix, you may be interested
in her new upholstered furniture line at One King's Lane.

Curious about the Ann Arbor neighborhood where this house resides, I found a cute and cozy Burns Park cottage 
(nearly identical to our first fixer, a wee bungalow near Chicago!)
with 2 bedrooms, 875 square feet, a porch and a basement
on the market for $275K...

This listing brings back fond memories!
The interior was mostly blue and white, and
our detached garage looked like this but
included an attached carport I used as a party patio.

Are we pinning away?
And doesn't pin class trump spin class every day of the week? 

Magical vignettes made in INDIGO FRIGGIN HEAVEN  from Michelle Adams

Are you loving the blue and white?
Adams used Ralph Lauren Paint's
Tibetan Jasmine for the walls.

And now this Michele shall dream of a vintage bicycle
parked near our quirky DIY French courtyard:

I plan to tidy up the edging today or tomorrow
and buy a tamper to get my tamp on...terrible joke. 

finish capping the wall, hang a mirror or ten,

plant a few more shrubs,

and help with the back patio construction.

Wanna join me amid the lavender?

By now, it should be quite clear our DIY devotion
centers on helping this little woodsy paradise heal,
not on achieving any level of perfection.

As I meditatively dug in the dirt this week and was
visited by critters who call these woods home,
tears flowed freely.

The work is healing me too. 

I'd love for you to join me on
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hello lovely studio

Peace to you right where you are.

* * *
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