suzanne rheinstein

January 11, 2016

Suzanne Rheinstein kitchen in Rooms for Living

Thanks so much for checking out some of our progress
six months into the DIY whole house renovation...
life is never ever boring around here!

If you favor traditionally designed interiors
offering serenity and elegance, chances are
you are familiar with the wondrous work of
S u z a n n e  R h e i n s t e i n. 

The entry above in her Manhattan home is one of my
favorite moments from this masterful designer
with its Gustavian influence, Gracie covered walls,
and soothing palette of neutrals.

Suzanne Rheinstein designed terrace

Rheinstein's latest book shares her design philosophies
as reflected in six different beautifully appointed homes:

Suzanne Rheinstein Rooms for Living

Rooms for Living:
A Style for Today with Things from the Past
(Rizzoli, 2015)

It's a stunning array of interiors,
and I so appreciate the book's structure.
Rooms are organized together (a chapter
on bedrooms, living rooms, etc.) which
makes it extra user friendly.

Isn't this the most heavenly flavor of feminine?

A word springing to mind again and again
as I review her designed spaces is
h  a  r  m  o  n  y,
and i wish you many, many verses of just
that...coupled with a melody of peace...
right where you are.

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  1. Michele, so lovely and yes I agree, her rooms are light and harmonious!

    The Arts by Karena
    Life Lessons: So Honored!

  2. Just love her elegant and traditional without being too fussy! How are you? Hope your 2016 is off to a wonderful start...cannot wait to see progress on your home, love your inspirations..keep em coming:)

  3. Lovely is the perfect word for her interiors. I love the simple elegance of it all. I am going to check this book out!! Thanks for the heads up and also thank you for your wonderful comments and support in regards to the possible design of my guest bathroom. I am having so much doing some creative dreaming! xoxo Kathysue

    1. i love seeing your place come together!

  4. Quiet, serene, beautiful and more. Thank you for the introduction to this stunning book.

    1. it truly is a masterful design book.

  5. Her designs are flawless! One of my favorites is her own NYC apartment with the mural. Cheers


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