Cottage Style Decor Inspiration: Stone Cottages {i'm love stoned}

March 18, 2015

So much to love about this charming Texas stone cottage:

old european farmhouse style
standing seam metal roof - preweathered Galvalume
chopped white Texas limestone
western red cedar beams
timber frame construction
carved stone on fireplace is Riviera Beige Cantera from Mexico
8' tall doors on master - perfectly centered w/ fireplace
front door is 42"

This is actually the guest house on the owner's property!

Stone Cottage Guest House in Texas (2)

Stone Cottage Guest House in Texas (5)

Small stone cottage Fredericksburg TX bedroom

Stone Cottage Guest House in Texas (4)

Small stone cottage Fredericksburg TX kitchen

More details that I think mix well with this style...


My friend Desiree's unbelievably dreamy stone sanctuary:

Yep. Leave it to me to get us stoned on
beautiful houses.

Sorry I haven't been visiting your blogs as
of much personal stuff going on,
and I'm exhausted emotionally and physically.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Dear Michele, I hope you are feeling better soon! These images are wonderful, stone always conjures up comfort and coziness to me. So much Charm!!
    Take good care...and hope to see you soon!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  2. Michele, Hope you are hanging in there. I'm sending some love your way.

    Do you remember that Journey song, Stone in Love? Now I have it stuck in my head. Thanks. But these lovely stone cottages are worth it!

    Wishing you love and loveliness! XOXO

    1. i don't know that song, and sounds like i'll have to give it a goog! thanks, jeanne.

  3. I thought of you recently. We just came home from Paris. I think you had shared a blog post on "red" in Paris. Well, each time I passed a red awning, red tablecloth, red car, I thought of you.

    Love these gorgeous stone homes. So soulful and charming!

    Take care of yourself!

  4. Hi Michelle, Great post! Thanks so much for the tour of these dream cottages. The beautiful exposed stone on the inside is so special in the first one. Love them all!

    1. so dreamy, and i think there will be a stone cottage in my future as my husband wants to learn all about masonry!


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