Consider the WALLternatives

August 19, 2014

Wallternatives asked me to take one of their awesome
removable wall stickers for a ride in exchange for my
honest opinion and review here.
While I don't miss existing on Domino's pizza
or living sell-yer-plasma poor,
I'd love to be a college student again...

This week we helped our youngest sk8tr move back on
campus and decorate his dorm room with
this awesomely huge chalkboard decal

Sure this may well be the room's future, but goshdarnit,
we're off to a good start thanks to Wallternatives,
a visionary company with wall decal options
for renters and folks like us looking
for easy, breezy, temporary style.
(MERCI, Wallternatives and Royal Design Studio
for the chance to review an amazing chalktastic decal
 certain to help my kid with organization this year!)

Aint it cool?
Of course he owns planners and online calendars and organization apps
for everything, but, folks...sometimes you just need sumthin
BOLD in yer face ya cannot miss on yer way out the door!

it's possible he has a sense of humor like mama

ChalkTalk Info:

·          A slight surface texture that makes them perfect surface for writing or drawing on it with chalk.
·          Apply them to any flat, smooth surface such as refrigerators, doors, and painted walls.
·          Removable and reusable and leaves no adhesive residue.
·          Wipes clean with an eraser, damp towel or sponge.
·          ChalkTalk™ is a non-PVC film coated decal.
·          Perfect for use as an appliqué in a home environment  or as a restaurant’s menu board.
·          Environmentally friendly product that is safe for use in food service environment or in a home.
·          Tested by a certified independent lab for CPSIA compliance, lead-free and phthalate free.

Teux Deux List, starting at 15.95

How sweet is this Frenchy chalktalkin rub-on?
(And remember, the vinyl works for surfaces
besides walls.)

a subtle reminder.

Mini Dots, $11.95

I am lovin the idea of confetti on m'walls.

Get your own Chalkboard Schedule here, and
visit Wallternatives for more press-on magic.

How cool is it to have options beyond wallpaper
and stenciling for us super lazy but stylish kids?

Peace to you right where you are.

Thanks, Wallternatives for partnering with me!

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  1. Thanks for posting about this!!! I needed it for my nieces apartment!!!

    1. cool beans. if only i could get this weekly schedule to escort my kid to class!

  2. That chalkboard organizer is awesome idea, looks great and is very helpful :)
    I like the wall confetti too, it's so cute and different.
    Domestic cleaners Kingston

    1. right? i really want to try the confetti.

  3. These are great - LOVE the confetti wall -
    Thanks for sharing ( and for the visit with your kind comment )

  4. I went through a period of painting everything with chalkboard paint, so I love this option.

    1. chalkboard everything is still trending, and this makes it soooooo foolproof!

  5. I love this wall art and chalkboard alternative. Perfect for a dorm room! Fun post!!
    Thanks so much for visiting.
    Mary Alice

  6. What a beautiful room! I love the rug and was wondering if you could share where you found it? Thank you!!

  7. brilliant idea, i could use these "in your face" reminders EVERYWHERE!
    cute son michelle, like his mama and what a view, lucky him!

    1. i love his city view too, debra! he likes the sound of traffic, and the light is insanely good.

  8. Love that your son was
    on {chalk}board with this idea!
    I was just brainstorming with
    Lizzie about DOTS or stars
    for her college apartment walls,
    so I'll have to share the link with
    her--so cute!

    xo Suzanne

    1. thanks, suzanne. i need to look into the stars thing too as i never tire of em.


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