Decor Inspiration {Dreamy Villa in Ojai}

August 13, 2014

The Loggia

For those of you who cannot imagine
inhabiting a barn, may I interest you
in a warmly decorated stucco villa
scented with orange grove lovely?

The Kitchen

This one's in Ojai, California,
and I love the sandy colored exterior
and barefoot elegance indoors.

Living Area

Trying to wrap my brain around this trippy image above.
Is the dog indeed humungous, or am I seein a diminutive settee?

The Home

Pinch me...

Outdoor Dining Area

A Dining Area

Delicious Detail

I think I shall try to paint somethin
in a similar flavor.

The Hearth

Wouldn't it be swell to utter this to thy beloved:
Join me on the Empire Daybed near the hearth, darling.

Master Bath

Echoing Tones

Again with the scale!
Painterly and ready for its session.
Such warm inviting inspiration for us dreamers.

Hope this finds you happy and healthy, friends.
The moon tonight is a HUGE delightful orange spectacle.
It left me awed and suddenly grateful for the paradise
all around me, right under my nose.

May the eyes of our souls keep collecting such lovely.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful serene it!! When do you move in? I will bring the bubbly....

    1. ooooooh, yes. i think i will move in. immediately.

  2. Gorgeous - and the best part is that you can just feel the sunshine and warm air that must be part of daily life in that part of the world (raining here again). And those light filled spaces! An yes, that last photo is just begging to be a painting.

    Happy Wednesday, friend! XOXO

    1. a beautiful cali sunny day here. wish they all could be days like this!

  3. no place like home. born and raised in So California and love it. Ojai is ONE SPECIAL PLACE !!!

  4. Gorgeous crib.....even with that huge puppy on the sofa:)


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