loose & lovely brushstrokes {jane freilicher}

June 11, 2014

Untitled Abstraction
c. 1960
oil on canvas
49 x 50 inches
untitled oil on canvas, c. 1960

Born in 1924, painter Jane Freilicher paints
landscapes as 'apprehended rather than analyzed.'

Some of you know I dabble in paint and sell
to designers and individuals through word of mouth.

The freedom of abstract expressionism
appeals to me on so many levels...take a peek
to see how and why.

Jane Freilicher

oil on linen
32 x 32 inches
window - oil on linen, 2011

Flying Point Road
oil on linen
31 x 28 inches
Flying Point Road - 1959, oil on linen

Flying Point Beach, 1961

Misty Day on the South Fork, 1961, oil on canvas

Freilicher is credited with developing what became
to be known as 'painterly realism.'

The Hamptons, 1961

Grey Day, 1963, oil on canvas


She has painted from her Water Mill studio for more than 40 years.
Aint the work special?

* * *
And now I must retreat to my studio to blow up
every canvas I painted in recent months
and begin anew.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I love "Window" and "Grey Day" there is an innocent feel to her art, as well as child like with her strong lines. I want to paint like this and less structured and precise, letting the hand flow with every ounce of my childhood art inside of me. I could see a gallery wall of her pieces on an accent wall of mine. It would so work with my look adding a softer feel to my harder edges of tone on tone.

    What one is your favorite??
    I so wish I had the "Grey Day" it would blend in seamlessly with my euro home, the Grey Day feels so seaside European :))

    Talk to you soon.

    PS. Do you have one of her pieces?


    1. my favorite is the first one, the untitled one. it's so organic and to me, breathing and alive. i would place it in a white room to experience it without any other competition. oh i love a childlike flow. off to catch up on your posts, beautiful blogger. :)

  2. So simply pretty Michele!...Happy Thursday, Mariaelena

    1. thank you, ye of the gorgeous name, mariaelena!

  3. Very special. I love the texture and color and softness. Need to try some abstracts. Thanks for the loveliness, Michele! XOXO

    1. i will eagerly await your abstracts! and a pic of you in process or among your watercolor goodness, please please please! :P

  4. Michele I love her work, there is a mystery and ethereal quality to it and loved seeing her studio!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Michele,
    I too love her work and "Flying point road" has an energy I admire.

    1. makes me wanna go to flying point road with 10 of my best artist friends...

  6. Michele, thank you so much for sharing the work of this wonderful artist! I was not familiar with her work...now that I am, I'm going to be looking for it. I love her style!

    1. de rien, melissa. discovering art that moves you makes life so much richer!

  7. Beautiful work...love her style. Watermill is an artists haven and I am happy that many are still there thriving and doing what they do best....paint!

    1. how are you my dear BLOGS WITH WOUNDED KNEE? i hope you approve of this new moniker and don't google maps me and throw me in a dumpster because that would be MY BAD. :)

  8. I do love that first one .. gorgeous and loose and lovely describes this perfectly. (do not go blow everything up and start again;) Beautiful spot for an artist to live and paint.

    1. it will be taken under advisement. :)

  9. Ahhhh... pretty and watery... I like the first one best too. and... I know the feeling of wanting to go blow up all your canvases and start again. I have a big ole canvas that i messed up this weekend, and i'm still mad about it! grrrrr...
    You know , it's not easy painting in abstract way. I've tried it and it drives me nuts that i can let the creative part of myself reign on the canvas...



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