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Make Mine a Double {Giveaway!}

13 May 2014

In case it is not yet abundantly clear,
I remain your loyal full-time collector of lovely
and am now a part-time ambassador for Votre Vu:
made in Paris, healthy French skincare and beauty.

My hope is you will take Votre Vu for a spin as
we have awesome yum which ships directly to your door.

Meet your new best friends
from Paris:


A coffee masque for the face (or hands?),
and a luxurious lip balm.
They're unisex, btw.

I'm giving away a

Why a coffee facial?

You use it once a week to minimize pores,
brighten skin, and diminish under-eye circles.

Need more encouragement?

 It re-hydrates weary hands and lips, mama!

"You said somethin about champagne..."

Champagne Kisses, $22

Oh yeah, this Champagne Kisses Lip Balm
is another Votre Vu discovery of mine
(and apparently, Kate Hudson's).

With champagne grape extract,
it minimizes the appearance
of fine lines around the mouth.
(gerrrrrl, u know i need that.)

To win a Something's Brewing set:
then mosey back here with
any comment you like!
Giveaway ends May 21st. For residents of U.S.A.

Consider treating yourself or someone you love
to one of these top notch French products, or

19 Responses to “Make Mine a Double {Giveaway!}”

  1. It all sounds deliciously lovely!!!

  2. Wow Michele your pictures are gorgeous......and so far I too am a big fan of Votre Vu (anything French...gotta hand it to them)! Love the idea of a coffee facial...who knew. No need to count me in since i am already a lucky user of these wonderful products, Votre Vu should HIRE you to photograph their ad campaign!

  3. Michele, I want to get lost in your photos, they are so beautiful. Coffee, champagne, good skin, sign me up. Next time I need to refresh my skin care products, I will definitely give Votre Vu a try! Hope you are having a lovely week. XOXO

  4. Darn it! I live in Canada...or the UK...either way I'm not eligible. Oh well...(sigh)...sounds so absolutely scrumptious too. I've been busy with preparing for a garden art show at the end of the month and haven't been by lately, and so wanted to stop in and say I'm still here and thinking about you, Michelle. I'm off now to catch up on what's been happening in your life. Big hugs.

  5. You had me at champagne!!! All of the products look incredible and I would LOVE to try them! Your photos are stunning!

  6. Would love to try the products. Are they all natural? The skincare line looks nice.

  7. yes, naturally-based. very healthy products you can feel great about applying to your skin. :)

  8. It all looks amazing. I so need to find something for dark spots and wrinkles around the eyes. Sometimes dark circles as well. Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway.

  9. The champagne lip balm is just what I need for those tiny little lines creeping in....Seems like a new natural product comes on the market weekly, but I love the fact that this is French (my favorite place) and it's safe to use. I will definitely give it a try. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  10. I love that mothers day special somethings brewing!! I think I may have to try this brand I am running low on moisturizer!!

  11. Oh My Effin God! Your website's got a fresh new look too! Adore it Michele. It's so darling and minimalistic...absolute beauty. Oh and going to participate too...My old skin would love a dollop of Votre Vu.

  12. The site looks amazing, I especially need to work on dark spots. Thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  13. Sounds wonderful...especially the champagne lip balm...

  14. Mmmm! I love it when skin care products sound good enough to eat ;) I'll take anything coffee .. and green tea is so calming and wonderful for the skin. This sounds like an incredible line Michele. xxL

  15. Oh! Oh, oh!
    Beauty, beauty beauty...count me in I could use a bit of beauty pampering :)
    Hi Michele, I also spy a wood caddy tray on the table with your plates in, don't you just love that Target find, it truly had a great price for what it is and how it serves up, I sanded mine down so it looked even that much older.

    Well off to visit your older postings making sure I have not missed out on anything inspiring :))

    See you soon!


    1. that beautiful tray all because of your gracious sharing of lovely on your blog, dore!!!!

  16. I bought the champagne
    kisses from your site and
    I love it!!!

    I also like the little tutorials
    on making up your eyes--
    really fun and I will be buying
    one of the eye sets once I'm
    in the market, again.

    Happy Friday!

    xo Suzanne

    1. thank you, suzanne! i love champagne kisses as well, and it feels like such an indulgent treat before bed! something else i love about votre vu products is they last A LONG TIME! when you do the math, it's an awesome deal. :)

  17. this is such an awesome giveaway. i think the champagne kisses looks amazing. i checked out the site and love the Get the Look! Real Retro Set
    achadwick22 at yahoo dot com


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