peaceful country style {sarah richardson}

January 15, 2014

Ever watched Sarah Richardson in action?
Then you know in addition to being a successful
designer, she generously shares her expertise
and is a devoted teacher to those of us
who need direction.

Here are 5 tips I learned from her work on a dated
'80s bungalow she transformed into a relaxed,
peaceful country style retreat.

Utilizing quiet colors doesn't have to feel bland or boring.
I feel relaxed already.

Why not make the entry/mudroom feel as though
you have stepped through the pearly gates of

Country Residence Bathroom

A small master bath need not feel dull or cookie cutter.

Omg. Where to start?
A modern tub can steal the show in a guest bath.
And I must have this stool. Must. With this paint color!

A tiny guest room can live BIG as a youthful bunk room.
This one could serve tots to teens to college coeds.

Liking this flavor of country style?
Check out these links for:
her farmhouse,
a London flat,
a lakehouse,
and one of my favorite entry/mudrooms EVER.

This is one of my favorite luxe places
(without the 'country vibe')
for feeling peaceful tranquility:

Waldorf Astoria Chicago

How bout you...
A little bit country? A little bit rocknroll?
Which is it?

Need more Sarah?

No prob...check out this collection of lovely!

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I probably tend to be a little bit country. Love SR. One of my favorites. The first image and the bathrooms really caught my fancy!!

  2. I love the way she is able to mix the old with the new so effortlessly.

  3. I think I am a mix of both with a little bit opera thrown in - LOL if that is at all possible!! I love Sarah, she is truly a nice person and she has such simple elegant style!

  4. I love these images, they've got me dreaming. And I've just been to all the links too. Thanks for sharing these Michele. I'm in the process of collecting inspiration for my next place.

    1. i'm collecting too. in fact, i'm forever collecting even when i'm settled!

  5. Love all these beautiful spaces BUT not as much as the makeover on your blog!!! Looking great pretty lady! I do love her style and look...and I think I am a bit of both, I like a little bit of it all!

    1. merci, tina! i know i could've weaned my readers from those ballet slippers, but aint nobody got time for that!

  6. Ok....I'm officially in love with the kitchen, the mudroom, and that fabulous bath with the little blue chippy stool! Sarah's style is just so beautiful! Love it! Thanks for sharing all of this inspiration, Michele! ♥

    xoxo laurie

    1. i bet you could make that stool and sell a million of em, laurie!

  7. Sarah Richardson...I watched her when she first started on HGTV. You know, Canada is where it's "at" .the design field. Thank goodness for Sarah and Candace. Since we now live in a log cabin...guess I'm rustic. franki

    1. rustic is such a great blend of country and rocknroll. lucky you!

  8. Hi, Michele! Sarah Richardson has got to be my all-time favorite designer. I've missed seeing her shows lately so I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting her work through your posts. I'm always inspired with her mix of fabrics and furniture...old and new. Thanks so much for sharing her with us.
    You kind of look like the cat who caught the canary in your spa day pic! :) Good for you Girl!

    1. hahaha. i am quite skilled at that cat expression. hmmmmmm. i miss her too. she is my fav to watch on TV because of her humility and willingness to instruct rather than throw together a show that's more about her/personality/drama. ya know?

  9. Both country and rock and roll, please, in equal shares. I love this house! The kitchen ceiling has to be my very favorite. How I would love ceilings like that. And the mudroom. And the modern tub. Thanks for the inspiration, Michele. XOXO

    1. i'm not even sure where i am on the spectrum, but i think it might be toward the country end even though i can't listen to country music. but it's got to be balanced with r n r.

  10. LOVE it all!!!
    And how cute are you,
    sitting there at the Waldorf?!

    Thanks for all of the links.
    Pinning as we speak....

    xo Suzanne

  11. Sarah's work is so beautiful. She creates such personal and lovely spaces.

  12. Gorgeous! I had to go back and check the links. The London flat is beautiful too .. but these one is my favorite. That mudroom.. my dream someday! and of course the kitchen is stunning. As my husband and I downsize.. can't believe I said that.. we are considering building or remodeling a smaller place. I've got lots of inspiration here and I love her work. thanks Michele! I hope you are enjoying your week. xxL

    1. i know! that mudroom! we need to start a club for emptynesting downsizers, yes? we are also in the beginning stages of downsizing. we will either build a small cottage or buy a condo and re-do everything inside. we don't have a housekeeper, and i have decided i get a better burn and workout in the gym than from dusting. :)


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