My Art and 5 minute art by Alison Caporimo

November 02, 2013

Recently, I began creating these
feminine chic collages on paper
utilizing some favorite materials:
linen, silk, vintage French lace,
vintage pointe shoe ribbon, old french
documents, and vintage books.

These will be in my etsy shop very soon!

Here's a peek at some pieces I
offered at a recent art show.

I am soooo loving the blurred line
between art and craft right now!

I feel so much peace when I create
that it doesn't bother me when the work
can be time consuming (feels like play time to me).

Sometimes it can be gratifying to
churn out a project or two quickly.
If time is not on your side,
consider this
super sweet, super cute
little jewel of a craftlicious book:

by Alison Caporimo
(Ulysses Press, 2013)

50 simple and fun projects for adorable
gifts, decor, and more.

Got 5 minutes and an ounce of creativity?
You're in binnnnn-ness, mama!
Don't have 300 seconds to spare?
Get this book for the craftsy cool folks
in your makes an incredibly cute gift.

Click for a list of beautiful design books to inspire.

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  1. It´s beautiful sweetie! :-)

  2. So pretty Michele...your creative juices are always flowing. Stop by my blog I think you will be happy you did:) Just put up the post. Have a great day sweet pea.

  3. So pretty, Michele! Love your collages and I couldn't agree more that there is a peace that comes with being creative. I don't know if I could get through life without it. The book looks like its full great, fun ideas.
    Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend! XO

  4. Talented lady!!! So happy you won the give away at Tina's!!
    xo Karolyn

  5. Your cards are totally art creations. I have mine right beside my computer and I LOVE it. It's is BEAUTIFUL. Not only that - the words and little quotes are inspiring and touch my heart and spirit.


  6. So beautiful, Michelle!! You are so talented, sweet lady!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Your so creative...congrats on the give-away...

  8. thanks, friends!

    this book is perfect for the fall when crafty juices are especially flowing--nothing beats handmade christmas gifts.



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