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November 12, 2012

VINTAGE EUROPEAN Bottles...With Stoppers

You already know I have a soft spot for
vintage and handmade everything, and
since I have just stocked my shop
with new finds and creations,
I thought I would share some.
They have potential for thoughtful
unique gifts, styling, or decor items
to incorporate at home.
I am drawn to imperfect stuff because it is beautiful,
costs less, and is saved from landfills.

VINTAGE EUROPEAN Bottles...With Stoppers
Buy them here.

My husband and I love old European beer
bottles with stoppers and embossed white lettering.
They are 10" tall. Think vases or simply art objects with a history.

The mantel in his office is lined with them,
and I'm so happy to offer a few for sale.
They began to sell as soon as I listed them!
I have not seen many of this variety,
and their color seems harmonious
with holiday decor.

 1890 English Ink Bottle (chipped)

This brown ink bottle from England is chipped
on the back spout, but for cryin out loud, it's 120 years
old and still glazybeautiful...would make a gorgeous
styling prop and looks charming on a shelf.
The quartz on my tray is a citrus druzy...really raw and warm
in color. I may offer some for sale if there is any interest.

 1920 English Mustard Jar

This made in England mustard crock is only 92
so she is in terrific shape with great color.

Early 1900s Ice Skates from Holland

Tucking an ancient ice skate on a shelf
or mantel in the winter is more 'me' than tinsel,
and the texture of the wood, leather, and steel
is glorious rustic lovely.

 Vintage Amber Bottle from Europe

Only one bottle for sale in this hue, and it's
a gorgeous warm amber I love.
It's in the shop, but I won't mind if
it lives here forever.

 Pair of Vintage European Green Bottles

More bottles to admire.

PAIR of VINTAGE EUROPEAN Green Bottles With Stoppers
Vintage European Green Bottles

Vintage Silk Scarf With Horses

Vintage silk scarves have been finding
their way to me, and I had fun wearing
them in Paris recently.
I pick up the replicas and lookalikes
(signed or not signed), but I have found
they too are getting scarce and very collectible!

 Original Abstract: Maine 34

My paintings, while ethereal and reminiscent
of sea work really well in all seasons
because of the neutral tones and warmth.
I paint huge ones for local pickups, but this
smaller size works well for shipping.

 Painting: The Good Earth SOLD

They are not complicated, and because
I am self-taught I am not bound by
rules and technique.
Purely intuitive.

Original Painting, MAINE 35

More choices in the shop.

 Another shot of Maine 35.

Original Painting, SLATE SOLD

Here you can see I have a child-size
skate on my mantel.

Instant Collection of Vintage Jewelry

Lastly, I have sold tons of bling at my shop,
and here is a special little instant collection of
vintage baubles for a gift or for you.
I love filling a crystal bowl with the festive
bijoux during the holidays where their age
and imperfection can sparkle.

(If you are suddenly thinking of all sorts
of metaphors here, than I have done an okay job.)

Any great vintage or handmade gift ideas
for the holidays you care to share?

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Love the green bottles, so beautiful! :-)

  2. So much beautiful her, sweet Michele! I love every single piece,and the ice skate is fabulous!
    Happy Monday.

  3. Such a lovely collection of goodies you have here, Michele. The colors of the bottles are just beautiful, like a day at the beach. And love all the bling! But my favorites have to been your paintings, you are one talented lady, my dear!
    Happy Monday to you, I'm continuing to send warm and positive thoughts your way. XO

  4. All the vintage items are very charming, Michele. And your paintings are so beautiful, serene and ethereal. You are very talented :)

  5. you have such a beautiful eye! I love the vintage bottles and ice skates--so personal and lovely. Of course, your paintings are sublime! Wishing you a fabulous week! barbara

  6. I just pinned the bottles, what a perfect addition for someone to use for their Christmas decor, I can just see them with white lights laying around and twined through them. So pretty, You do have an eye for the unusual, Love that about YOU,among many other endearing qualities,
    xo Kathysue

  7. Everything is so darn pretty!! You have such style, a great eye and make everything look so beautiful...your paintings are gorgeous. I could see giving a pair of small ones with a beautiful easel for display on a console (perhaps a gift to myself)!! Love all you do!

  8. Vintage stuffs are really great and I love to collect one. Thanks.

    Gift Ideas for Women

  9. Lovely images and post. I espcially like the green bottles.


  10. Michele those ice skates are darling and you have some great vintage pieces here. What a great idea to line up the bottles in your husbands office!


  11. What beautiful ideas here, Michele - love the bottles are your paintings...amazing!

  12. Im fortunate enough to get some vintage bling from your shop and i keep them to my heart. There shall be orders ;)

  13. great ideas....I love your paintings..so pretty!

  14. Just lovely!! I use my mother's antique brooches on my decorative pillows...guess I'm "still playing dress up" after all these years. :) franki

  15. you're right, franki. costume jewelry has that playful fun appeal to it no matter how we use it. love that!


  16. Hi lovie,

    I know where I will be doing some shopping!

    And can I tell your readers just how much I love your gray island paiting hanging in my formal living room. Love, love, love. And love.

    Call you today. I have my voice back.

    oxox, Mon

  17. I love your treasures, and your intuition guides you beautifully for your artistic creations! :)

  18. Hi Michelle! I adore all of the additions to your shop! The vintage jewelry and the druzy quartz are favorites!

    A Giveaway from Scalamandre

  19. What great additions to your shop, Michelle! LOVE the bling and the bottles. When I lived in England as a girl we had a mustard pot like that...and I am not nearly that old!

  20. Lots of nice items. Love your paintings.


  21. Great Rustic chic finds!! I also love your paintings, calm and serene!

  22. You have so many lovely things here ! I will come back and enjoy your blog.

    Have the greatest of days !


  23. There is something so special about giving (and getting) art as a gift. Your paintings are divine, I'd be tickled pink if one turned up under my tree! Wonderful suggestions.

  24. i absolutely adore everything shown, the objects themselves, your styling and particularly your art. you are immensely talented michele!

  25. Loving EVERYTHINg in your shop! Your paintings are so soothing and beautiful:).

  26. Ohhh those bottles are so great! They're so unique. I'd find it hard to part with them :)

  27. Hi Michele and thanks for stopping by the French Hen's Nest. Your blog is full of such wonderful and beautiful objects. I love the bottles especially and those skates! I wonder who used them and loved them. We are your newest followers. Please visit us anytime.

    Linda and Jeannie

  28. Very nice and love your photos too.
    big hug hx

  29. Michele, you have such
    a fine and discerning eye
    for what is beautiful. I
    love the new things that
    you've added and I LOVE
    the painting that I purchased
    earlier this fall....it keeps
    me calm and centered : )

    Speaking of which, my
    GIVEAWAY post with the
    oh-so-tranquil painting
    that you gave me just went

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    sweet friend, and thank
    you for sharing a little piece
    of your heart with my readers.


  30. Michele,
    The artwork, the vintage jewelry...I love it all. You have such a keen eye and there is something so calming and serene about your art!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  31. I love all of your pretty things. I'm off to see what's new in your shop! Sweet hugs!

  32. Oh my, so pretty my friend! Hope you are well, happy thanksgiving.


your comments add to the beauty...thanks in advance for your kindness.