love letter to bhldn

September 11, 2012

Dear bhldn,
It's little me.
In your saaaaahhhhweeet downtown
Chicago shop a stone's throw from...

the Waldorf Astoria
where I luxuriated the other day.
Can we imagine a lovelier view of a hotel?
No, bhldn, c'est impossible!

Not yet the mother of the groom,
still I have visited you twice this summer
for 'breathless shopping.'
You know what I mean.
I have to remind myself to breathe
amid the lovely.

I bought some letterpress
and could not get enough of....

pretty shoes.

Can we dish about the fact I didn't alter or edit
a single one of these quick photos?!?
Your priceless natural light,
ambient glow, and dreamy finishes
lit everything beautifully.

At some point, I glanced upward to find
heavenly WINGS protecting the magic of
this stuff:

Thank you, bhldn, for enhancing a
dreamy Chicago shopping experience.
Will you require a blogger
for a future bhldn blog?
Not to be flirty,
but baby...I am all yours.


Hello Lovely
* * * * *

8 East Walton Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Mind if I post
a few more pics in the days ahead
of me hanging with bhldn mannequins
and gorgeous architectural elements
in another area of the shop?????

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oooh - so much deliciousness there! :-)

  2. Thankyou for that peek Michele...have wondered what the store would look like....if I'm ever 'mother of the bride'...(one day...fingers crossed)...I'm fly'n to Chicago!! Robx

  3. Thanks for the peek into that amazing store. They really have put together a beautiful shop. May have to wander by next time I am in Chicago.

  4. Wow, Michele, this is a beautiful shop. I could spend hours in here. The blue is stunning, and the vignettes are so well done
    Thank you for sharing, sweet friend.
    Happy Wednesday.

  5. So lovely and romantic! Makes me want to plan a wedding - for someone else ;-)! Pretty, pretty! XO

  6. Oh my. I'd have to remind myself to breathe, too!

  7. GORGEOUS Michele!! And btw your legs are amazing.....(wow I was just getting over the arm envy, now the legs too.....argh)!
    What fun to plan a wedding......I cannot wait till my sons get there, well lets hope their future wives don't mind a very opinionated mother in law who has all kinds of grand plans for "our" I mean their wedding:)

  8. What a beautiful boutique Michele! My daughter is graduating from college soon.. So I imagine myself (with her) in a place like this.. Oh dear I'm rearing up.....

  9. Oh I love their stuff! Such absolutely dreamy lovliness!

  10. What a fun little tour! Love the wings on the ceiling and I think you are smitten enough for the job of their chief blogger for sure. :)

  11. Ohhh nooooo, i do not mind at all. I would have died and gone to heaven in that shop with the beautiful lighting, and the exquisite garments... and those angel wings on the ceiling... oh my gosh...


  12. *sigh* and yummmy!
    Btw, those vintage handkerchiefs- count on me for sending you some. I need to visit my favorite haunt.

  13. Weddings can be fun! My son got married 2 years ago and my daughter got married in January. A little advise....get comfy shoes!

  14. Along with all that beauty and natural light...I noticed vintage hankies here and there. In a little tray next to the pretty shoes, on a shelf next to a cake...a hanky junkie always spots these little beauties!

  15. BHLDN's parent company is headquartered in my city and yet we don't even have a shop! You lucky lady, it looks lovely.

  16. What a gorgeous shop! The letter press cards alone are worth the trip!

  17. ooooh barbara, from your typing fingers to bhldn's ears!


  18. What a fabulous place! Thank you for letting your readers live vicariously through your eyes :) Also? You have some killer pins. I'm well jel! xxx


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