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betwixt nature and nest

02 August 2012

Loving how the author of
this charming new title
Porch Living
(Gibbs Smith, 2012)
romantically characterizes
the beauty of the outdoor living space:

author -  James Farmer

"Nostalgic yet modernly apropos, porches
provide the venue of venues to grasp the
goodness of both the home and garden."

brick outdoor patio with green surfboard, pink table cloth and seat covers, and 1960s furniture

Here are a few of my favorite
venues of magical places to entertain,
dream, and connect with nature.
And for more decor inspiration,
do consider peeking inside

Modern Outdoor Room


(This is one of a zillion bonuses to blogging.
I am now energized to give my own
porch a wee lovenudge to become
a more inviting venue for my
family and friends to relax.)

How about you?

Any secret tips for pimping the porch?

14 Responses to “betwixt nature and nest”

  1. Gorgeousness. We won't talk about what our back porch looks right now. It definitely needs some love. I think if I had one of these pretty porches, I would just want to sit there and contemplate the Universe all day long!
    Have fun with your porch project! XO

  2. Michele-
    James Farmer is from my neck of the woods, graduating form Auburn University (my Alma Mater) in Alabama.
    Gorgeous images, and the last one is to die for!
    Happy Thursday.

  3. I love these porches especially the one overlooking the ocean. I think if you give people a soft place to land and a place to sit a beverage you're doing well. The rest is just the jewelry on a lady.


  4. I love, love our back deck. We back to the woods so it is peaceful, quiet and private out there. We eat alot of meals out there. This summer has cut our time down since it has been SOOOO hot:(

  5. keep it simple. natural colors, lots of wood and warm colors, some greenery to make it fresh looking- there you are, a sculpture is a must

  6. Oh my goodness....what gorgeousness, Michele! These photos are truly inspirational! We have a back porch that desperately needs a roof over it to help us escape the mid-day heat. I'd love to create a four-season room out of it someday! I'm saving these photos - and want to buy James' book!

    xoxo laurie

  7. After years of wanting to do it, a couple of years ago I hung a black and white striped curtain pulled to one side. I have always had a lamp and a mirror on my porch, love that too, but I must say the curtain completed the look. xo Kathysue

  8. Nothing I love more than entertaining outside... it truly is an extension of our homes! Every image is stunning! Thanks for giving us a reminder to embrace the outdoors more! Hope all is well with you pretty lady!


  9. goodness my back porch has been on my to do list forever!! Maybe you have inspired me to hop on it!!

  10. When my hubby and
    I were biking the other
    day, I pointed out some
    cute houses with porches
    and said that it was the
    one feature that our next
    home MUST have!

    {Preferably with a water
    view : )}

    We are deck people now,
    but in the past, we've had
    a porch, and it is way more

    Thanks for the new word:

    xo Suzanne

  11. Yes! Very inspiring. I love porches, and a porch with comfy pillows, all the better...


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