Books: Houses + Origins {David Stark Wilson}

July 21, 2012

So thrilled that American designer
D a v i d  S t a r k  W i l s o n
shared with me his new book
(Images Publishing, 2012)
so that I could share his work with you.

* * * * *

One of my favorite projects from David
and architect Chris Parlette is a beach house
in Stinson Beach, California.

The small town of Stinson Beach is one of
the few Marin coastal towns where the
rocky coastline yields to a beach.

Limited by budget and zoning regulations,
David developed a 1,400 square foot
house plan around a great room.

The cabinet doors are fabricated from resin panels
with embedded reeds.

A custom resin and aluminum coffee table.

This is the master bedroom
(the bedrooms were kept small due
to the 1,400 square feet zoning regulation).

The stones on the shower floor
were collected at 19,000 feet in Tibet in 2005.

The ceiling decking was milled from wood salvaged
from the old Stanford University gymnasium.

Concrete flooring.

Wilson's strong connection to nature and the
immediate surroundings to each home are
beautifully captured in Houses + Origins: WA Design

Are you also captivated by home design
which is oriented toward the outdoors?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Looks beautiful, excellent work!

  2. Super cool!!! I love those planter boxes on the porch above the garage! Every detail is thought out and is perfection! I love homes like these!
    I have been wanting to share some images of our home, but I thought it would be more fun once we're all moved in and you can see it in its entirety. It has been taking a lot longer than expected... uuuuggg!! We're still two weeks out!!

    Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family!

  3. What a great home. I love all the furnishings as well! thanks for sharing his book looks like a must have.

  4. captivated? oh yeah!!!

    this architect is a genius and thank you for bringing out the details such as gymnasium flooring on the ceiling, quite clever.

    only mistake i see is the light streaming in with it's sharp focus on the commode, as though one sits there to be transported into space :-)
    have a great week michelle!

  5. I love it but I have to say I love the exterior the most...something about those clean lines just lets Mother Nature be the star! That's a gorgeous part of the world so I am envious of whoever gets to live there!

  6. the designer gets to live here! it's one of his own homes.


  7. I love every single picture posted! It is beyond gorgeous!


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