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casual coastal elegance {Barclay Butera}

08 July 2012

Barclay is almost as pretty
as his beachy new book
(Gibbs Smith, 2012).

In this lovely for your library,
the designer shares yummy
decorating and design tips
for achieving a beachy clean ambience.

Whether you love
Cottage Beach
Classic Beach
Serene Beach
Modern Beach
Elegant Beach...

I bet there is inspiration in here for the
perfect beachlovely style for you.
Just noticed there is no
'insanity beach' in the book.
I double-checked.
What a shame.

(Dude, you know I'm down with Serene Beach!)


 Balancing vibrant colors and
tranquil sun-washed hues...

Living on the Coast
satisfies the appetite
for the crisp clean of blue and white
while managing to charm us with
the rest of the beachy rainbow
as well.

Are you feelin Barclay's barefoot elegant voodoo?

22 Responses to “casual coastal elegance {Barclay Butera}”

  1. I'm feeling the beach scene and wishing we lived at the beach at this moment...been working in the full sun....ugh! Barclay is cute!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  2. I need to get this book for sure. I have a pin board called Beach Elegance, that is the vibe I would love for my home now or at the beach would be even better.

    Thought of you this week, while thrifting with my Mom, scored three vintage purses and a coat!!!

  3. I'm feelin' it as we enjoy Seattle's many beaches - it's really growing on me so this pictures were just perfect for my mood right now!

  4. "sweet" book and cute guy! I loved the beach house in the movie Somethings Gotta Give. It had a beach vibe but very classic and elegant.

  5. I adore his fabrics, furniture line and his awesome style.
    Thanks for telling us about the book!
    I know a couple gfs who will love this as a gift!

  6. i fell in love with barclay's house and style and personality years ago when i saw a tour of it on hgtv. what a treat that it is in this book and all these years later it is still just as fab!!!


  7. I think my style would be cottage beach with some serene beach thrown in, but hey this is opulent beach which takes you straight by your nautical collar and tells you- hey, this is how you use red in beach! WOW.

  8. Awesome!! Must be a gorgeous book!
    Have a great start of this new week Michele!!

  9. Looks like a must-have book! I love beach style. Michele, did you know that there is a Barcaly Butera Taste Maker Tag Sake on 1st Dibs tomorrow? Should be fun to check out!
    Have a lovely week. XO

  10. He is the man indeed!

    Beach living is always in my head and in my heart. Relaxed living. Need more of it!

    Chat this week? Lots of things going on over here!

    oxox, Mon

  11. Barclay is beautiful, and anything to do with the beach is just fine with me... thanks for a peak into his book!


  12. You know that I love this man's work!! I can't wait to get my hands on the book!
    Thank you for sharing, sweet Michele.
    Happy Monday.

  13. i didn't know about the 1st dibs thing--coooooool! i'll check it out.

    i am so ready for the beach and have not been to one all summer!


  14. I dream of having a beach house! Of course, just getting back from a week at the beach doesn't help the cause either!

  15. Great ideas - I love the outdoor terrace - the perfect place to relax and the gorgeous bright, fresh bedroom too.

  16. I think one kings lane has a sale of his things today!

  17. You had me at
    I'm just saying....!
    You know my
    dream is to live
    on a beach in the
    not too distant
    future, so this is
    food for the soul : )

    xo Suzanne

  18. Just found your blog via Design are hilarious, and your blog is full of eye candy. Love!!! :)

  19. I've been a fan of Barclay Butera for many years. Must get this book!


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