yamamoto masao & arpais du bois {where we met}

March 29, 2012

 A Japanese photographer.
An artist in Belgium.

Different continents.
Different generations.
Different media...

yet a shared passion for

What a treasure to experience
this collaboration (unlike any other book I own)
organized as a conversation between images.

Get ready to have your soul moved.

Yamamoto Masao
Arpais Du Bois
is full of emotive beauty.

Familiar with Yamamoto Masao's photography?
On the back of each photo, he writes "mixed media."

 masao yamamoto

"We should not hurry, but not stop. An ideal life for us
is one of harmony and contentment."
(Yamamoto Masao)

art basel 2009

His works are arranged in constellations.

Arpais Du Bois has been making daily
drawing diaries for more than a decade.
Pages from the diaries are torn, assembled,
and exhibited.

In Arpais' work, Yamamoto Masao glimpses
"an unfettered spirituality that defines
the essence of the human act of drawing."

Arpais says Yamamoto's photos reveal "a tender melancholy."

is a book of artful images, a conversation
between creatives who understand each other.
It's one of those hushed and whole-hearted dialogues
you dream of having with a kindred spirit
across the miles and one on which
I highly recommend you eavesdrop.

Are you making time to experience and be nourished
by beautiful art?

did i mention i cherish this book?

Peace to you right where you are.

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with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Sounds beautiful, perfect for a quiet moment. xx

  2. This looks divine.. putting it on my list.

  3. sigh... lovely

    i love the photo of the hands and the bird... i'm going to go look both of them up online...


  4. Ohhh so beautiful! Definitely adding it to the list... thank you for sharing this one my darlin!


  5. You gently hold our hands, Michelle and guide us to such beauty, such lovliness. A must have addition to my bucket list of books. Much love, Lisa

  6. Don't you just love it when two like minds come together? They have the ability to create such beauty and calmness.

    Enjoy your day!

  7. Looks like a winner, I love when the result of someones true passion and labor of love is something beautiful that can be shared and enjoyed by and with others!

  8. the text in this art book so beautifully accompanies the artists' images and adds another layer of lovely. i know i will return to it again and again because there are secrets and truths revealed that resonate when i read the words.



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