Interview: Hello Lovely for The Enchanted Home

February 24, 2012

How not to be enchanted by my friend Tina,
the dream home, and her fabulous kitchen?

Do you know her blog?
She has a keen eye, a killer sense of humor,
and a crazy streak that caused her
to tag me in a blogland game.

Honestly, you probably want to hop right over
to the lovely Enchanted Home, but  if you're
feelin saucy, here are my responses:

Have a hobby?

Yes, yes, so many!
Photography, baking, writing songs,
and blogging my little heart out.
I blog to entertain myself and connect with cool people.
I could say it's all about you, but I'd be lying.

Failing at something or never trying to begin with?

Definitely failing.
The first thing that comes to mind
are the risks we take when we commit to love.
But it is hard to put into practice because
no one wants to get hurt
or willingly look like a dingus.

aimless olive

Rather be a great cook or great designer?

A cook.
I can hold my own and am very much
at home in the kitchen.
I love feeding people and actually like my food.

 aimless olive

Two favorite rooms in the house?

The kitchen and our bedroom.
The kitchen because it has incredible light
and there is often lively conversation.
The bedroom because it is tranquil, and I have
an amazing view of the forest (enchanting!)
from bed.

Famous people you'd like to dine with?

By now, my readers know I have a crush on
Edward Cullen, so even though he's a
fictional vampire who technically doesn't eat,
we will forgive him since he is played by a delicious actor.
Also, Anne Lamott, a writer I so admire.
She is one of those Jesus loving liberals
who drops the f-bomb often and just breaks your heart.

Four words to describe you?


This is all sorts of embarrassing, Tina.

Best book or two you've read this year?

I loved (like constant laughing out loud)
David Sedaris' Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk,
and Patina Style by the Giannettis
knocked my socks off.

What do you miss most about childhood?

I led an incredibly full life as a kid.
I was always barefoot and an exhibitionist.
I grew up in the church, raised by very
progressive free-spirited parents who never
feared for our safety.
We moved around a lot which meant
I had lots of diverse experiences with
interesting people and places.

If you had a freaky Friday experience
and had to trade places with one person
for one day, who would it be?

Definitely a surfer on the North Shore of Oahu
I love the ocean and its boundlessness but am
not a strong swimmer...I would love to experience it. 

A perfect day for you?

Honestly, I am at my best when I am
focused on other people like my three men
above so a perfect day is one where I am
treated to their laughter and love, preferably outdoors.

Place in the world you'd like to visit?

I'll get there.

My turn to tag, and I am tagging...

YES, all of you.
IF YOU BLOG and get a chance,
1. How do you make love stay?
2. What do you like to eat for breakfast?
3. What behavior in others drives you nuts?
4. Why blog?
5. Favorite quote?
6. Why are we here?
Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. ooooh, this was fun to read! you are a fascinating, funny gal!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. LOVE this post, you did this whole tagging gig some serious justice, my friend. LOVE your are gorgeous! Let me get this cook like no ones business BUT have killer skinny arms? I hate you. Just saying.....I mean we do have the liking to cook bit in common, we have the being good at it in common and even liking what we make in common but sad to say the skinny super toned where we part (hopefully not for long, determined to get back in my exercise routine come spring)!!!!
    You are inspiring me in more ways than one, love the pic also of your 3 men on the canoe...that is a great picture. I have 4 men, well actually 5 including Teddy:)
    And do you know that I used to live on the north shore of Oahu? Yep even had a very cute surfer boyfriend and I did the whole "surfer chic" was a sweet time to be a teenager! This was a great post..loved every word, every picture!

  4. You are truly such a beautiful person with soooo many amazing talents! I loved reading this, it lets us into your world which is beautiful!

    much love,

  5. Not only are your arms perfect, your other parts are rockin', too! I love any chance to get to know you better, Michelle. This was just awesome! I'll be sure to post my responses to being tagged! Much love, Lisa

  6. That had to be one of my most favorite blog posts you've ever done... and the photos weren't too shabby either..., like, they are pure art! i love love love, the photo of the pink ballet slipper with the cork, i'm so pinning that on pinterest,... and the one of you in the kitchen, and the one of the book, and the one of your feet...
    There is just something so holy about you...


  7. Michele I love your answers and I now know better why your are as wonderful and giving as you are!! So glad to have met your through blogging and so fun to get to know more about YOU!! Happy Weekend, Sweetie,
    xo Kathysue

  8. I loved learning more about you through Tina's great interview. Love that your parents gave you a free spirited life and that you are a cook...wonderful!!

  9. Can I just say I love you
    The pictures
    The questions
    I miss someone taking care of me FOREVER....
    ohhh...soo much information

  10. Brilliant answers, brilliant you.


    PS Europe is waiting for you. There's a spot in England going by the way at my house if ya fancy it. ;)

  11. Love your answers, Michele, you are a wonderful, inspiring person!

    Even though I'm taking a wee break from blogging, you can be sure I'll be popping by here.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, sweetpea!

    Meera xx

  12. P.S. - one of my favourite quotes which may answer more than one of your questions -

    "Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more." - Erica Jong.

  13. Michele this was fun reading and you photograph so well. You are such a beautiful and wonderful person inside as well as outside.

    I hope you're having a fabulous weekend so far!


  14. Love getting to know you even better my dear. Great questions and beautiful answers.

  15. So glad Tina tagged you, Loved your answers and you are BEAUTIFUL!!! I usually like what I cook but after all these years I am tired of cooking. Thank goodness my hubby has taken to it....and is GOOD. Great post, loved the pic of YOUR MEN:) XO, Pinky

  16. This is great! Well written and very personal. Cooking and feeding our friends and family is an extension of ourselves - as women and mothers. Great post!


  17. This was so much fun to read...You know what? I like Robert Pattison too. Only that he could use a little less whitening. We wanted him pale not high contrast! :D

    You are so full of soul Mich...I always loved reading you. You are crisp, no-elaboration and yet just there where it hits the emotional chord.

    Love, Roy

  18. I loved this post and learning more about you! Sounds like you've lived a charmed life--soulful, caring and loving--simply beautiful!

  19. Happy Sunday evening lovely Michelle...I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for tagging us readers. I did it and had lots of fun! Much love, Lisa

  20. love is what it's cracked up to be...omg, meera, that is an amazing quote. i love it.


  21. Hello M,

    How are you doing today, sweetie?

    I've been thinking about you and your house! I'm starting to change some thing around here and I'm thinking about painting my dining room/living room. That's when your place came to my mind... I love the color of your walls. I don't remember if you already said what color it is... ca you tell me, please? Don't rush. You know, if 3 kids, my dining room will be ready for Christmas, if so! :-)

    I love getting to know you. You're have such a special Light. Love who you are.


    Luciane at

  22. Loving, Soulful, Feminine, Funny = yes that you are!

    I am introducing you to Sweden (Stockholm) one of these days! We will have a blast.




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