Kirstin Sinclair {a front row seat}

Just reviewed my copy of
A Front Row Seat
(ACC Editions)
featuring the best photography of
Kirstin Sinclair,
who whisks us away to
international catwalk shows
in London, New York City,
Paris and Milan.

Wanna peek at stunning pages inside the book?
Visit here to see images at ACC's UK site.
(Hint: you'll have to scroll down the page.)

Sinclair's work may be enjoyed here as well:
Catwalk to Cover exhibit - Fashion & Textile Museum, London

From Catwalk to Cover, The Fashion and Textile Museum, FashionBite 

This photo displayed at right is the cover of
A Front Row Seat and my favorite 'model' shot.

DO NOT miss two particular spreads
that truly beam us into that dreamy front row:
pages 22-23 (crazyintriguing)
and pages 176-177 (feel the endorphin rush
brought on by a show in New York).

Kirstin Sinclair

Models, catwalk, celebs, editors, designers,
and even chic street style
from the past 7 years are in here,
so whether you're a slave to fashion
or simply want to cop a feel of that
front row seat...indulge!
Slaves and frisking.
Sometimes even I cannot believe
the depth of my whackness.

A reminder to read this blog responsibly
as all front row seat guests do...
with deep tenderness,
a modicum of caution,
and a voluminous glass of red.


  1. Gorgeous! I need to review the magazine (have not yet! Shame!)

    I love the color of the models dress on the cover - stunning!

  2. Ohhh, Enticing. I'm trying to load the page on my old computer now, to take a look!


  3. wow seems like a place i would want to be all the time!!

  4. I'm not a slave to fashion but I like the voluminous glass of red idea!

    Happy Holiday!

  5. How cool is this book?! I agree with you on that 'model' shot - that dress and the way the she's walking is so unique! Another book to put on my list... thanks girl!

    much love,

  6. I love fashion photography!!! But I doubt this will be available here. I'll see if I can find.

    Gorgeous post Michele.

  7. '...or simply want to cop a feel of that front row seat' - LOL You do make me laugh!!

    The book looks like all sorts of gorgeousness and the sneak peek is IMMENSE (isn't that what the kids are saying these days? Or is that the voluminous glass of red? hmm)

    Hope you are well chicken! Mwah! xxx

  8. her book is just the ticket for feeling all fancy in the front row without ever boarding the jet for milan!

    love it!



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