Personal Reflections: in between big and small

January 15, 2012

Big: Valley of desert in Iran

I have shared these images before,
but I hope you'll agree they are worth another look see.

Not abstract paintings.
Not from anyone's imagination.

They are Nasa satellite photos
of our planet.
paired with
microscopic shots
of structures within the brain.

tiny: golgi stain

Do you find pondering
the vast beauty of the universe
in harmony
with invisible worlds in your skull
nothing short of magical?

BIG: glacier icecap

Such naturally lovely artistry
of the the big and small
effin blows my mind.

tiny: axon scaffolding proteins

We are...all of us...gorgeous inside.

BIG: West fjords

We are living on a giant blueberry
surrounded by a totally far-out kickass universe.

tiny: blood vessels in cerebral cortex

So masterfully created,

BIG: dry streambeds in Jordan

we are living on an earth
crammed with heaven...yes?

tiny: axons

As a younger woman the mystery
of the big and small
brought something other than joy.

Am I special? Insignificant? Both?

But now!
Simply gaze at your hand.
Look at the evidential elegance of
bones, veins, flesh.

Look between the big and small at you!
(No, this is not one of those
You are a mysterious miracle.
A living part of the symphony...
created perfectly to radiate love
and bring meaning
to everything.

Super trippy rambling up in here,
but tell me...doesn't it sound like I am growing up?

Peace to you right where you are.

p.s. which is your favorite photo?
microscopic photos via

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  1. Yes, we're both...
    Infinitely huge and expanding, and infinitesimally small at the same time... a fabulous paradox... i love you for this post...
    and i can not believe i was able to spell infinitesimally right...


  2. Clever girl. Wise lady. You help us all see things in a new perpective. That is why we love you. Nothing predictable here! (Like me and my boring jute rugs, bla bla bla...).

    Snowing in Seattle! All part of this magicial "far-out kickass universe"!

    ox, Mon

  3. Wow, wow and wow! These images are astounding and breathtaking, I am forever in awe of the universe and its creatures.

    Could not even begin to pick a favourite image here, blown away by the magic in all of them!

    Hugs hugs,
    Meera xx

  4. oh wow! #1 is AMAZING - I'd love that one on my wall.


  5. So, so, so...trippy beautiful, Michelle! My hubby is a scientist with the (CSA)Canadian Space Agency, so I'm often humbled by the beauty 'out there'...Much love, Lisa

  6. I have always loved the way you look at the world! One interesting lady you are... I love it!! Thanks for helping me to see new beautiful insights!


  7. an EXPANDING universe....yes! that little fact is an incredibly humbling thought as well!

  8. Michele these images are truly amazing and yes my dear you sound very philosophical and grown-up!!

  9. Ok, this is mad cool and beautiful! You can bring your trippy rambling here anytime girl. We are amazing!

  10. Wow, Michele, these are amazing...such a magical way to look at the universe and the creatures that inhabit it...stunning!!

  11. You have put together some great pics Michelle. It is fascinating what wonderful images modern science has brought us! From the huge hubble sattelite to the tiny microscopes, and the fact that they look so similar, it's so cool.

  12. I remember when you posted something similar quite a while back because I was equally blown away and it was probably the very first comment I ever made on your blog! You very very quickly became a firm favourite for this very thing - always seeing the big picture and yet, somehow managing to find so much beauty in the detail.

    Couldn't bear to pick a favourite, they are all just stunning!

    Thank you for sharing again lovely lady xxx


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