Books: Fresh American Spaces {annie selke}

November 24, 2011

I mentioned Annie Selke in the last post
because I fell for this designer's fabrics
for my son's room and the studio.

These are the lime curtains I chose,
and here is the bedding:

Lenox Ticking (citrus) - Pine Cone Hill

If you're not yet familiar with Annie's work,
you are in for a threeeee-uhl (that's southernspeak
and never mind that I'm a midwestern girl).


Go buy her latest immediately.

It did not magically appear in the mailbox,
and I am not being compensated to gush about
I simply rushed out to buy this gem
a few months ago and went wackadoodle.
Much much more than pretty pictures, my friends.
You will LEARN learn LEARN.

I mean.

Recall seeing a few of these images
of a glorious beach house (Chatham)
printed in House Beautiful a couple years ago?

Please, someone create this space
and invite me over for a cocktail.
I'm little and will drink maybe two...tops.
I'll create it.
You're invited.

Annie's quite lovely ladylike
romantic cottage living room.

Like the sexy hot pink wide stripes
peeking through? Ahhhhhhh.
I have these shams in a guest room.

*shameless love note to Annie Selke*

Dear Annie:
You and your happy rooms inspire me.
The book is divine.
I love that you're not ALL about big bold color.
You truly know your way 'round a cheerful palette
and how to strike "the balance between
fashion and functionality."

I'm thinking about using one of your
bright prints (pink!) in my office.

Feelin Annie Selke?

Peace to you right where you are.

photos: House Beautiful and Pine Cone Hill

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  1. Feeling absolutely Annie Selke!!!! What an inspired space...I love little pinks peeking out from an otherwise neutral decor. It gives a space so much character...

    Also: I'm little and will drink maybe two...tops.
    I'll create it.
    You're invited."

    Couldn't have been more vocal about how much you love it. Love to read you!

  2. While not a pink person I am an orange person and loving all these images so this book will be going on my Christmas list for sure!

  3. I love her range of styles...for me the nicest one was the "ladylike" living room. Really so pretty, so I pinned it!

  4. I've never heard of her before so thank you for the lovely introduction :) I love how well she goes from bright poppy colours and right to subtle neutrals in one fell swoop - obviously really talented!!

    Gorgeous stuff, off to add her book to my growing wish list of decorating books! Let's hope Santa is listening ;) xxx

  5. Thank you for informing us on this fabulous find! I'm so in need of a book like this! I love the fabric you picked for your son's room/office! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - I'm sure everyone LOVED your cooking! I have a strong feeling you're an amazing cook!
    Have a wonderful weekend cute girl!


  6. Wow, love her style! also love the fabrics you chose for your rooms...

  7. Oh, yah, feeling
    her big time! Hugs
    from the friendly
    skies....on our way
    back to home, sweet

    xx Suzanne

  8. i'm also loving annie's loungewear at pine cone hill. the most comfy knits!


  9. Happy and chic! I do love fresh spaces popping with vibrant colours, instant mood lifter! LOVING these spaces, off to check out the book!

    Meera xx

  10. Everything is beautiful, Thanks for the inspiration and the book recommendation :)

  11. Total girl crush on her....great balance on color and peaceful.....


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