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September 16, 2011

Wearing my psychotherapist hat today,
and it appears you're
on the couch.
Occasionally I remove my pointe shoes
and dress in menswear.

We'll discuss the relationship
with your mother another day.
Instead, a little free recall...

Simply blurt out the
first thing popping
into your head
when I say...


Geauga Roots

I'm good.
Just knew you'd say

"distressed barnwood and wire mesh."

*promptly removes therapist's hat and slinks away in shame*

Sometimes simple
materials can magically combine
to bring added goodness to the everyday.

After all, the 'everyday'
mustn't be completely disorganized or a grind.

jewelry organizer, $28

Here's a lovely organization idea
gleaned from Nikki of Geauga Roots.
She makes fabulously rustic
jewelry organizers.

Take your pick of fabric choices
that set the stage for even
the simplest accessories
to become instant art.
I love how my glammy druzy
earrings from Nixin look
hanging out with barn wood,
and of course a lamb skin bracelet
is right at home...

Just a small thing,
but a beautifully handmade one
to enhance the everyday,
to more expressively
live the artful life.

Another idea.
These sweet linens were spotted at
Modern Vintage Market.

I mean, we do need towels.
So it's lovely to have cute ones around.

I have this embellished stripey cotton
tea towel set the shop offers in yellow
(set of three, $13).
And how cute would the red be in a bar area???

Caroline customizes colors
and numbers to your taste
(do you have a favorite number?)
Zinnia Designs

you could even put that favored
digit or birthdate on
a very cool hand-thrown plate here.

With a fine arts degree in ceramics,
Zinnia's owner has a passion for
getting her hands dirty in clay.

Our gain!

Her handmade creations
for everyday do more than hold
food or....

Zinnia Designs


They have the potential
to hold memories.

To enhance
and romance
the everyday
of eating breakfast,
stowing a wedding ring,
or even waiting for a fairy.


Is it possible
to both enhance
romance the everyday?

I'm thinkin' Oui's why I never
run out of lovely to share with you.

I'm thinkin' wardrobe accessories
like charming cool weather ones here.

Kyra lives in a small village
in the northeast of the Netherlands
and creates these wool lovelies.

The first thing you may notice
about Eexterhout is the lush array of colors!

I had to know more
about Kyra's passion for wool.

probably my favorite!

"I love wool, that is a fact.
It's the combination of softness, natural warmth
and colours that I find irresistable.
And in a world full of mechanical and artificial materials,
we need things that are made personally, with love,
and with materials that soothe our bodies and souls."

Eexterhout's felted pillows
enhance plain ol' everydays too.

"I use a lot of vintage woolen blankets,
you might know them from earlier days
at your grandma's house.
They are still so lovely!"

Kyra cleans, felts, cuts, and artfully
re-assembles them in jewelry, pillows, and blankets.

"So grandma's blanket comes back as a happy brooch
or soft earrings or a nice necklace."

I so honor how these shopowners
(and so many of you!)
follow the calling of your heart to
create pure lovely so that others
around the planet may enjoy
the life-enhancing and

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners with
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. gorgeous gorgeous things!! love the psychotherapy introduction..

  2. I was thinking cappuccino since it’s five in the morning but I like your ideas better, really great ideas these gifts!

  3. Barnwood and wire mesh. HOW DID YOU KNOW??
    I love how such a practical thing is also so artful.

    The ceramics are lovely. I'm fascinated by ceramic design, makes me want to do a pottery class and get a kiln! (I'd need a studio space first)

    Hoorah for handmade! Happy weekend to you, my lovely.

    Meera xx

    P.S. - Saw the surprise painting that Cindy did of Bella Luna, how wonderful!

  4. it's official. it's me who should be on the couch...obsessed with handmade lovely!!!

  5. Michele, my earrings need the mesh jewelry holder!

    I adore the ceramics and am always looking for beautiful linens!!

    Have a great weekend!


    Art by Karena

    I hope you will come over and enter my amazing giveaway from Interieurs!!

  6. Well, my first thought was chocolate, because i was eating chocolate covered almonds at the time, so i realized that was stupid,and thought of meditation, which i never do, because i can't get still...
    It's so cool the way you describe these wonderful handmade items... they're all so unique and amazing.


  7. ooooooh, bonus! thank you for giving me fresh ideas for an upcoming post: cappucino and chocolate {enhancing the everyday}.

  8. thank you so much for your kind words.


  9. I think I could kill for those hand made plates. I am going to read your post again and answer that question again.Last time it was home decor. This time, it'll be those plates.

  10. i love those plates! i have a couple on the way: my favorite number which is also my hubby's and the year we got married. can't wait!

  11. I am thinking you need your own "expanded" on-line store. You have the best eye and find the best objects. Yes, really!



  12. oooooh, i like how you think, mon.

    in the mean time, i shall let myself feel like the editor of a lovely magazine where i can spotlight the creative forces around the globe!

  13. Well, I feel all my personal psychoses melting away under your expert guidance. And how *did* you know that would my exact answer? Oh, you're're very good. ;-)

    I love the way you highlight different people's skills. You are craft star!


  14. Just added these
    shops to my faves.
    My family will
    thank you at Christmas!
    xx Suzanne

  15. Great shops! Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  16. these little woolies are just gorgeous! you have quite the knack for finding the most unique items/shops, my friend!!


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