Lovely Finds: Swedish and Handmade

September 08, 2011


It seems my whole life has bloomed with
delightful nordic sensibilities.
From a childhood home full of dala horses,
Swedish friends, and a "no shoes in house" rule
to marrying my mostly Norwegian husband,
I am drawn to Scandinavian chic and charm
and found these new to me
7 sources of nordic lovely
on the web.

Because I'm a tease...
when you make it to the end of the post,
you will be treated to one of my family's
favorite Swedish lovelies.

Splendid Willow Avenue

{Classic Swedish Lovely}

 Monika of Splendid Willow
has an irresistible web boutique,
and you may fall for her
newly expanded shop carrying
Ilse Jacobsen fashion,
Asa Daxberg jewelry,
adorably sweet Maileg
goodness for the kids
(sweet mouse in a matchbox--
get in MAH belly!!!)

and functional
Gotland pelts.
Now THIS is my idea of
everyday luxury
in a luscious
natural grey.

SwedArt lovelies

{Sami Style}

Margareta and SwedArt artisans
make stunning Lapland Bracelets
from reindeer leather or lambskin
and spun pewter wire braids.
You will not believe the softness
and quality of her bracelets!
Learn a little more about
Sami culture here.

Aren't they brilliant?

Margareta is the first designer
to add pearls to vegetable tanned,
butter soft reindeer leather.
And stay tuned for an upcoming interview
with this designer who happens to be a gem.

In the mean time, check out
how Sami bracelets have gone Hollywood!


{Northern Swedish Charm}

More Lapland lovely...this time
in the form of paper.

In the heart of Lapland,
Petra of Skapligt
creates beautiful little
gift tags, cards, and more.

A busy shop owner and parent,
Petra says:

"When our little ones are tucked up in bed,
I love spending my evenings among sketchbooks,
beautiful papers, stamps, brushes and bottles of paint,
working on new ideas and patterns.
A cup of tea and some pieces of dark chocolate
always keep me company."

Knowing the origin of such handmade lovely
makes me love the swedelicious tags even more.
Am I the first to merge Swede with Delicious?
Googling it returned 5,000+ results,
but this is planet michele soooooo
just for today, let's pretend.

Colin's Creatures

{Scandinavian Chic Sheep}

Colin's shop is in North Carolina,
and the artist's handmade creatures of
fine porcelain, cast stone, and wool
bring a little Gotland farm chic to you.

Colin's gotland sheep

Wouldn't this be an incredible
collection to begin?

Orstadius Photography

{Artful Swede Photographer}

His work captures MOMENTS,
and the intriguing Stockholm series
by Martin Orstadius
charmed me here.

From the photographer's site, we learn:

“There is something truly uplifting about these images.
A sense that nothing is commonplace and that the miracle
and mystery of life walks here among us every day.”

Girl With Umbrella in Snow

A subtle tint has been added,
reminiscent of papers and techniques
used in the silver gelatin process, and
each lovely photograph is signed.


{Affordable Silver Bling}

They may not offer strictly
Scandinavian chic
(in fact, they sound French),
but Spoonier's vintage
Stavanger Norway
sterling silver spoon ring
spoke my name!
This spoon ring
features a lighthouse and has that' pricey
look' though it's NOT...are we loving???

Josh and Mike
are proud to offer a wide selection
of vintage sterling silver spoon rings,
specializing in floral patterns and Art Nouveau.
Since they offer giveaways 1-2 times a month,
it pays to visit their site,  etsy, and facebook.

Studio Lise

{Iconic Simplicity}

Designs from Studio Lise
reflect the designer's Scandinavian heritage, and
I fell for turquoise-y lovely dala notecards.
Then I spied the adorable
black and white travel pillow (above)...

Visit the shop to see more
StudioLise wares with
original, happy nordic charm.

Food Network

You made it!
Enjoy pancakes, gorgeous readers.
I could make 'em in my sleep.
They're a sweet tradition from my childhood
which we have passed on to our sons.

Hope you are tempted to visit
these sources of nordic lovely...
I know I'll be referring
to them in the weeks ahead
as I help Santa with the list.

You do know he needs help, right?

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners with
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. i'll enjoy visiting these gorgeous sites! thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. I dont know which one is more beautiful! Everything is just amazing...that rat in the blue cart, those amazing bracelets or those cheeps and cows! I saw a cow, black and white on the background of "Colin's creature" and I think I have fallen in love with it.

    I can only Swoon and Moo(ooon)!

  3. Whoa! So lovely! I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian EVERYTHING! :-)

    Monika's store is amazingly beautiful. I feel so lucky for winning that GORGEOUS blue necklace! So nice of you for mentioning her. I'd also recommend it any time!

    Have a lovely weekend, my sweet friend!

    Lots of LOVE to YOU!


    Luciane at

  4. Michelle,

    You are simply amazing. And you make us all look so good!

    One of these days I will hire you! Yes, indeed!

    I am glad you introduced me to all of these other talents. Maybe I can represent some of their products in my own store. Scandinavians need to stick together!

    Happy weekend to you my friend. I have been out on a boat all day. I need to get some more vitamin D into my body. Your post gave me some extra energy, though.

    ox, Mon

    P.S I am thinking "Greige" and not seaglass white... It will work better this fall (even with white). Ok? (Yes, you know what I am talking about!).

  5. Isn't it funny
    how our DNA almost
    draws us to certain
    things?? My Norwegian
    bits just love all
    Scandinavian wares and
    these are just fantastic,
    Michele. Now I want a
    pelt and a reindeer
    I'm especially drawn to
    Scandinavian decor during
    the winter months. I
    think they know how to
    decorate for my kind of
    climate here in MN. I'm
    at the library, now, but
    looking forward to browsing
    all these shops later with
    a glass of wine. Hope
    you are enjoying a lovely
    xx Suzanne

  6. I think i'm in love with Colin's Creatures. All of this work is beautiful... love the photography too...


  7. Good morning Ms. lovely!

    Thinking of you. Just coming over to see how your new week is going. 90 degrees in Seattle! I am taking my little one to the beach. Wish you could join us!

    Love, Mon

  8. Hello lovely! You had me at Scandinavian... I am drawn to all kinds of Scandi design and really must find the time+money to visit "Scandinavia". Hope you had a glorious weekend and wish you a happy new week ahead!

    Meera xx

  9. First US generation Swedish here so this post was fun to read and see. I can't wait to visit everyone's sites love the spoon rings.

  10. Love Monika's shop! Thanks for the introduction to these other great shops. Loving the sheep!

  11. monika's shop! sheep! spoon rings! i'm still drowning in so much scandi lovely.

  12. Great post..
    looking foward to follow you..
    Have a lovely day:)
    hugs from Norway:)


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