Lovely Finds: Handmade Jewelry

September 01, 2011

Seems everyone is posting
some version of 'welcome to autumn,'
but this blogger is still thinking
B e a c h y  C h i c.

It's more than
a summertime gig
or reserved for bronzy
babes lounging oceanside.

Beachy is a sTAtE Of mINd,
with loveliness that can bloom
anywhere and in every season...

To convince you,
I'm sliding a perfect
Mai Tai
across the cyber bar.

I'm beachy-high
so we'll throw in fresh pineapple
and a virtual pupu platter too.
You really ARE spoiled.

my photo - my treasures

As you sip,
perhaps you'll
collect some fresh
inspiration to keep summertime
and a beachy state of mind


{beachy fly}
Color me crazy for Smoobage
with its surfergirl owner.
It's not just those
killer comfy earrings,
it's Heather's whole mermaidtastic
sassy Smoobage 'tude:

"Peace to the geese
and hang loose to the moose.
These are my works
which receive lots of
love and light."


Peace to the geese!!!!

It's tough to get
beachier than feather-light
feathery adornment infused
with sunshine and peace
from a mermaid, yes?

Smoobage bling
is a far cry from "cute."
More like
S to the E
to the X to the Y
so make good choices
when you're barefootin it around in
Heather's feathers,


{beachy bookshelf bling}
This is bling?
Quite simply,
it was natural pink sea fan bling
of which I was in dire need.
Big time.
Which is how I found a
Massachusetts shop full of lovely for
aquariums and beachy rooms.

Seen these sea fans placed
under glass or in a vignette
with shells?


Sarah Renee Designs

{gemtastically chic}
Recently I embarrassed myself
via perpetual posts about druzy stones.
It was while on a crystally goodness quest
I browsed Sarah's shop to discover
As well as a lush variety of
beach girlie glam.

Sarah Renee Designs

Let's not
fixate on her
purple royally-yummy druzy
or the model's perfect shade of beachy blonde...
It'll be ok.
Already enrolled in a 12-step
for obsessive blonde disorder.

Med Beach Stones

{rock your beachy bad self}
Have I mentioned
these stone hearts make my
tender one go pitter patter?
Really? Just 38 times?

Naturally formed
heart-shaped stones
from Israel
look great everywhere and
feel somewhere between sweetly smooth
and texturally dreamy in the hand.

Nichole Riley

{feminine with edge}
Speaking of a dreamy touch,
Southern girl Nichole's
go-to jewelry design style
is all about
tenderly wire-wrapping
gorgeous briolettes.

Like these
*brand spanking new*
Lite Air earrings.

A perfect shade
of oceany-aqua-blue,
soft, feminine,
and lusciously balanced
with the metal wrap.

Nichole Riley

...and a little seagull told me
Nichole's facebook page offers secret discounts.

Are we needing further refreshment?
Comin' right up.
A digital Raspberry Caipirinha
for the ooomph you need to continue.
Next stop?
South America.


{beachy for a cause}
I fell for Johanna's
(a compassionate soul living in Peru)
laid back, artfully rustic chic pieces
perfect for wearing to the beach or
for evoking memories of it.

30% of sales support young Rosita
who needs the funds for medical treatment,
and I love the idea of speding holiday shopping
dollars where it's going to make a solid difference
to a family's 'everyday.'

Let's trot back to the states.

Stone Alloy

{lakeshore lovely}
Don't you LOVE learning new things?
Great Lakes lover and owner
of Stone Alloy, Val
educated me about
Slag doesn't have the sexiest ring.
Get over it.
(Slag would like to remind you
she rhymes with SWAG.)

"Prized glass rocks...
known to have been disposed of
in the 1800’s along certain areas
of the lake where iron ore
factories operated.
The material has tumbled
for well over 150 years to form
these very cool stones."
Sea Glass Nautical Necklace - Genuine Pure Found - on Sterling Silver  "Sailor Blues"
Sea glass nautical necklace

Val sees beauty and potential in
stones collected from the Lakes that others
may consider less than desirable.
She transforms the imperfectly perfect
into beautiful handmade treasures.

Stone Alloy
Earrings with rare "Lelandite" blue slag glass.

Aren't the earthy turquoise found "slag"
(tumbling underwater for 150 years)

SAS Appeal

{bling on a budget}
When a designer has
a love affair with collecting pieces
while traveling and serving in the Navy,
sometimes this gives birth to a shop.

SAS Appeal's coin pearl earrings (above)
are an affordably chic way
to inject instant beach appeal
for just a few coins.

LH Jewelry

{beauty and the beach}
Beachy doesn't mean gnarly.
Beachy can be like totally elegant!
Exhibit A:
Laura knows her way 'round a to speak.
Light, graceful, and dripping with
aqua chalcedony and black garnet,
these babies do double duty.

Wear the hoops with the stones,
or if you like, slip them off
to wear the hoops naked
(indeed we're in beach mode,
so please interpret the instructions
any way you like).

LH Jewelry

Right now, Laura is loving:
"Rough minerals like chopped
agate and rough diamonds and
using them in my fall and
winter collections.
The raw beauty of rough stones
woven into polished jewelry intrigues me."

Simple Daisy

{beachy keen}
Don't tell my heart,
my preachy beachy heart,
but Simple Daisy had me at 'simple.'

Organic. Simple. Inspired.
Heather is a true artisan
who makes metal and gemstones

Simple Daisy's
Beach Pebble Bangle
is delicate minimalism at its best.
The handformed sterling bracelet
features an organic charm created
from fine silver clay.

Simple Daisy

Silver clay?
Am I the only one who thinks that's beyond cool?

Heather's passion for living a creative life
radiates like sunshine from her shop and blog.

"I know that the more I allow myself to nurture
that side of me, the more it just starts coming...
I want everyone to nurture that part of themselves."

Hope you discovered a treasure or five
from this sand-between-the-toes collection, and...

now it's your turn.
Ye who are buzzed
from lovely cyber liquor...

Have a favorite
go-to beachy chic accessory?
And is the temperature beachy
in your neck of the woods?
(In the 90's here).

Peace to you right where you are.

 Hello Lovely at times partners with
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Totally buzzed and totally inspired! Your words, your attitude, your wit, your always lovely finds (thank you for the introductions!)and the Mai Tai - just what I needed! I am not ready for fall either..! (:

    Happy labor day weekend to you lovely friend.

    Warm hugs,


  2. i'm always wittier and more brilliant in blogland to tipsy/buzzed readers so shhhhhhh, it's tricky but cyber cocktails are just the ticket. (and no hangover!)


  3. Just what the doctor ordered for the end of the week and the end of summer. Keeping summer alive a bit's in the high 90's here. We'll have another Mai Tai please!
    Angela and Renee

  4. Thank you for the kind words...
    Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  5. Our summer is all be gone and fall is in the air but who doesn't love a little something to keep summer alive, love the earrings from Nichole Riley. We find stone hearts once in a while here in NH love them. I hope you're enjoying your long holiday weekend!

  6. Thanks for the cyber Mai Tai friend!
    Yummy. I am so conservative with my jewelry but I can totally appreciate and love all these pieces!
    I do need to get some of the heart rocks you have been blogging about, I totally understand why you keep sharing them -- they are awesome!

    I love the beach 365/24-7.
    Must be bc I am born under a sun sign.... cancer the crab!

    Now I have to check out your post on the striped pillows... so up my alley.

  7. Oh how I long to be a Bronzy Babe lounging Oceanside, with stud muffin Cabana Boys serving me drinks with tiny umbrellas... on the sands of Bora-Bora... well, if you're gonna Dream, I always say DREAM BIG! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where we have miles and miles of Beach... and no Ocean... LOL... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Oh you always show off the most gorgeous jewelry! Summer is almost gone here in rainy Manchester and there is a definite autumnal chill in the air but I will hang on to every last warm breeze by perusing these fabulous shops and drinking your scrummy hang-over free cyber cocktails!

    (Just don't let me get too cyber drunk and start spending non-cyber money because - um - I have been known to do that)

    Hope your weekend is fabulous my darlin xxx

  9. Oh my.....I LOVE all of the gorgeous jewelry! Beachy happiness is my favorite:)
    Thanks for including Simple Daisy in your awesome post!!
    Have a great day:)

  10. Drool drool drool drool, (confused in between on what- model's blonde shade/ jewelry or beachy delights) but still more drools. Wish I could take them out from the screen, not the model here!

    By the way, Im ready for fall. So very. La la la, this wicket orange heart sings :)

  11. These are all kind of beachy deliciousness!!!! I love Simple Daisy and I will have to check out the others, gorgeous!!!!

    ps. found a box, the boat is heading your way this week! Woo hoo!!!!

  12. Mai Tai - you're just my kind of gal! Loving this post and I'm also hanging on to the last of the summer (and hoping for an Indian Summer).

    So many wonderful treasures here, help me, my wallet wants to go squandering. The pink sea fan, pebble hearts and feather earrings are calling my name today.

    Thank you for such a beachy buzzy vibe on this grey day here. You're the best! xx


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