Decor Inspiration: DREAM HOME Chicago {kitchen by snaidero}

September 14, 2011

Recently I shared a tour of
the home office in Chicago's
(a design house at the Merch Mart),
and today we'll peek at the lovely
kitchen designed by Shawna Dillon
of Snaidero Chicago.

(My husband and I toured the dream home
last month, and it will remain open
to tour until early December.)

Trim color is Benjamin Moore - china white, and the floor is limestone tile.

Snaidero designed the layout to be
"both utilitarian and also a modern
day 'family room.'"

omg, black steel doors make me woozy.

I loved it in person!
You have to use your imagination
in terms of the lighting...the space
has no natural light which is
critical (for me and my issues)
with so many dark surfaces.

all photos mine

Reaaalllllly liked the wall color and may
be using it in my own kitchen
(Benjamin Moore - Ashley Grey).
It's what I think of as an old
Gustavian grey with not
too much blue.
It was amazing with the
Calcutta Gold marble.

And I adore the mixed media paintings
and chandeliers by Bradley Hughes.

How do you like this detail?

Nothing says I LOVE YOU FIFI
like a chic pooch dish filler, yes?
But maybe we should not all
rush out and install one just yet.

Even though we knoooowwww
our perfect children would NEVER
dream of disturbing or misusing it,
I personally prefer not to
discover Fifi paddling by the Wolf range
in my flooded designer kitchen
and be forced to utter to the children:


Ya know?

Peace to you right where you are.

p.s. did you check out the painting
of my pooch done by cindy at
the top of my sidebar?
she is TALENTED!

p.s.s. Melanie of Royal Design Stencils
posted pics of my project posted yesterday
on her blog and made me feel all fancy!

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  1. Hi* Just "discovered" your delightful blog, & HAD to share that I had OUR MBR & bath painted in the ASHLEY GREY... THIS, after 14 (YES!14!!!) samples on two different walls in there to check for the light changes, etc... I just COULDN'T find T*H*E right color... THENNNNNNN I tried the Ashley Grey and it is P>E>R>F>E>C>T and B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L, and even my HUSBAND loves it!!!!!!! (And paired with whites, creamy white & natural linens, it is sooooooo petttttty and calm annnnd well, just wonderful!!!

    Soooooo my friend, "TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT!"!!!

    Best wishes!

    Linda in AZ *

  2. thank thank thank you for this vote of confidence in the grey, linda in AZ!

  3. What a wonderful kitchen, and I love the color...chic and inviting!!

  4. I love this kitchen. China White is one of my favorite whites of all time. And the dog bowls... darling! I could totally see children not leaving the faucet alone. So tempting to play with!

  5. Why didn't I think of steel doors inside our home???? I've been dying to use some somewhere but they don't go with the outside of our home...genius!It must be hormones making me stupid again I can't think! It wouldn't be the kids I would be worried about with that dog faucet the husband could be a problem......think toy in his mind!

  6. Woozy extreme. Look at that pretty steel and white and grey...God, I wish Santa was a bit more giving, I would have asked this kitchen for sure.

    Michele, you have my vote of confidence for Ashley Grey too. It will look beautiful. And Oh, maybe you really should delay on that lovely poochy detailing. for thought! ;p

  7. I love this kitchen, the calcutta gold, the ashley gray and the breakfront. I'd skip the pooch's bowl because I would not want to give up the wall space.

  8. Gorgeous colour, I love a greige-y grey (if my screen is translating it correctly) - so calming!

    Go for it! xxx

  9. living with a little swatch of it in the kitchen right now, and i love the color but maybe for another room. it may read too drab in here.

    but the color is showing up in a few of my abstracts!


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