Lovely Finds: Upcycled Fashion from Creole Sha

August 10, 2011

Creole Sha
designs tattered lovely
"with a delicate mix
southern charm,
vintage finds,
and New Orleans flavor."

I'm smitten with the romance
of their
of so many
funky pixie skirts,
lingerie inspired dresses,
one of a kind accessories.

Which is why this creme brulee beauty
just had to be mine!

Creole Sha allows us to inject a bit of
into our

And who can argue with a palette
inspired by Creme Brulee?

Know what else just totally sold
me on this eco-friendly piece?

A feminine detail you may have overlooked.

The most romantically delicate
ballet pink ribbon tie
stitched onto
hand-dyed lace.

I am hunting for a big floor mirror
for my bedroom so I don't have to
do this all the time.

Think you're not
bayou boho,
shabby chic,
funky fresh,
or romantic rebel enough
to wear Creole Sha?
Do we need to pencil you in for
a hello lovely inc. life coach


You've got it goin' on.
You can wear what you want
and dress for your mood.
Fashion should be fun,
not restrictive.

And injecting a little fun
into your wardrobe
to treat yourself to a smile
and a more enjoyable day
is not being superficial.
(Being superficial is superficial.)

Enter code CREOLELOVE11
at checkout for 10% off at
Creole Sha.

Do you have your own take on
'tattered lovely?'
Do share!

Peace to you right where you are.

I sooooooo want to visit New Orleans!

 Hello Lovely at times partners with
with companies I  love and think may interest you.

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  1. Thanks for telling us about this great Creole flavor Stylist, Loving ALL of it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. GASP! It's beautiful! I'm so going over there, i love to mix up clothes like that, all shabby and lacy... I grab stuff at the thrift store and cut out the linings, and tear them... and then they are the best things ever!


  3. GASP!....I'm officially in love with her designs! I'm all about the boho-mix up the patterns- look and adore your new top! I'm headed over to check out her shop, Michele! Thanks for the link! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. What a beautiful collection and it happens to be named after one of our favorite desserts.

    Renee and Angela

  5. You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

    My site:
    DSL Vergleich klick hier

  6. That is quite special...reminds me of the creme brulee I devoured last week in Reims...I love this whole look and you can certainly carry it look gorgeous! Robx

  7. i really appreciate creole sha's color sense. the colors are not shouting over the design so the pieces are so much more wearable.

  8. Hey, you were talking about creme brulee (which I love!) in your previous post too!

    I was just going to say, you have to get that top, Michelle. And voila - there you are modeling it! Very pretty, very you!

    Warm hugs,


  9. M,

    Wow.. it's so sweet and sensuous! I love it and it looks great on you.
    By the ay, thank you so much for your sweet email yesterday. It was so nice to read your comment!


    Luciane at

  10. I LOVE your new find, it is so beautiful. What a great place, I have never heard of it but will be checking it out. romantic boho tops like this are one of my favorites to wear in the summer. :)


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