Lovely Finds: Jewelry from YOUR DAILY JEWELS

August 13, 2011

Yes, our daily jewels!
It's what separates us from the animals.
Wait. What?

When New York jewelry designer
was just 3 years young,
she created her first
wearable masterpiece:
a nylon necklace
with charming twists and knots
made from her mother's stocking.

Many moons passed before
was born.

Norah grew older,
and writing and painting became
creative outlets until in her work
as a Pediatric Physical Therapist,
young patients suddenly re-ignited
her passion for jewelry making.

via Swoonworthy

(Norah's gorgeous pieces have inspired
a very 'turquoise and coral lovely' mood
and complement images recently shared
by the must follow Swoonworthy.)

Physical therapy is frequently unpleasant,
requiring Norah to be extra innovative...

"I started making little bracelets with beads collected since I was a child.
With every bracelet, I told them funny stories about the beads,
and they loved receiving them.

It sounds corny, but my patients inspire me to be the best me
and to be creative, everyday."

The designer's primary inspiration?


"I cannot remember a time when I was not attracted to sparkling, shining, colorful beads, baubles and marbles. I have always collected these beauties, never really knowing what I would do with them."

via Swoonworthy

Your Daily Jewels
brims with handmade gems
sporting a high-end look
yet affordably within reach.

"How my customer feels when wearing my jewelry is foremost in my mind when I am designing and creating. Therefore, quality and comfort are my first priority."

These lovelies have brightened
my everyday and become
MY daily jewels.
I couldn't resist styling
the earrings created by Norah
(and offered at a fabulous price point, $38).

Their yummy mix of metals
and striking contrast
is so casually elegant,
and I can't help thinking...
that the same beautiful hands
helping children to heal
made these
for me.

Isn't her work as an artist
and as a therapist

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Nora's Jewels are gorgeous, I saw several pieces I would absolutely love to have!


    Art by Karena

  2. These are beautiful jewelry pieces. Love Nora's work...going to check out more.
    Angela and Renee

  3. Nora's pieces look wonderful especially the earrings. I'm going to go check out her site. What a lovely post! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. What stunning pieces and beautiful images! I am inspired now too! x

  5. You know how
    I LOVE stories
    about how things
    come into being,
    so I love this.
    Thanks for shining
    your spotlight on
    someone so amazing!
    xx Suzanne

  6. Gorgeous pieces Michele!
    Love your new earrings.
    The colors she uses are just delectible!
    Love them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh so much gorgeousness in a single post! Love how you took the coral and turquoise dreaminess of the housey images and combined them with such stunning jewelry. Norah's pieces are heavenly and I love the earrings you've chosen. Everyone should have beautiful go-to pieces they wear all the time.

    Thanks for the mention, my gorgeous lady, hope you are having an equally gorgeous weekend!

    Big smooches xxx

  8. i wore norah's earrings all weekend--so so comfy and lightweight and casually elegant so they went with everything!


  9. Thank you, Michele, for such a thoughtful feature. And thanks to all above who truly made my day with your kind comments!

  10. love her work and especially your earrings in the last photo! gorgeous!



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