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July 12, 2011

H U G H  H O L L A N D
these extremely cool images
in the 70s just as
skateboarding was born
and created this incredible collection:

Holland's images for me bring
back my carefree childhood
in the 70s and also
our sons who often wear
their hair long, shaggy
and surfer-like.

Some shots from
a couple years back...

photo: mine
our surfing, skating, sun-worshipping son at 14 on a boat
(couldn't this be a chic ad in Vogue for.....?)

photo: mine

photo: mine

photo: mine

photo: mine
i know. i know. but not posed. it's just one of the many skills teenagers excel at.

photo: mine
a snap of other son: the shade-loving skater at 14
(he grew his hair MUCH longer than this).

Back to Hugh Holland fabulousness.

In the mid-70s Southern Cali had a big time
drought, and empty swimming pools were
just begging to be skated upon.

Love this one!

Guys, this is a must own!
Hugh Holland's
(Ammo Books)
is full of
vintage*skater*cool images
 that make this mother of sons smile.

Can you dig it?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. AHHH!!! I am obsessing over this. I love nothing more (as a mama of sons also) than westcoast surfer/skate vibe and images. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Beautiful boys.
    Beautiful photos.
    We DO love our
    boys, don't we?
    And the uposed
    pics are always
    the best; the sweet
    shine through : )
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Those tube
    socks brought me
    back to images of
    my own brother in
    the '70's!!

  3. Your boys are handsome young men Michele! I love watching the skate boarders over at our park the seem so fearless lets hope they never lose that sense of freedom. Love the photos!

  4. Yes, your sons are so very handsome! Thanks for posting these photos from the 70's...they really take me back. My favorite one is of the socks...very retro.

  5. aahhhh! cute boys!!...these shots remind me of a movie called "Lords of Dogtown", starring Heath Ledger.....that is when i first found out about skateboarders using empty pools to practice......fun times!

  6. HA! our youngest earned the nickname Dogtown a few years ago! i need to see it.

  7. I loved seeing these images! Brought me back a few years...not so long ago, right?

    ciao from Newport Beach

  8. You forgot to say "Son: mine"! Gorgeous pictures. Those 70's fashions are just sooooo 70's (lol). Love the long hair though - wanting my own son to grow his like that, except he's still only 4.

  9. Great shots of lovely memories. Thanks for dropping by and sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  10. You have bred gorgeous boys, my lovely! Love the cool skater vibe of this gorgeous post!

    Meera xx

  11. I Really loved by seeing these images!cute boys.Thanks for sharing it..

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  12. God, he's beautiful. Both your sons are. I mourned the day when men started cutting their hair all preppie and short. They were so gorgeous back then with it long. Those photos are phenomenal...


  13. I love watching the skate boarders over at our park the seem so fearless lets hope they never lose that sense of freedom. Love the photos!


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