Books: 500 timeless interiors

June 29, 2011

In case you missed the memo...
I like books.
I like timeless decor.
I like them a lot.
And some books and interiors just cannot
be fully enjoyed electronically.

Exhibit A:
(Beta Plus)

w I m  p A u W e L s
authors this gorgeous hunk
of a design book that will
kick your coffee table's
chic factor up a notch.
(hello, lovely 448 stunning pages!)

As I continue to devour it,
this blogger feels as though
she has entered another dimension...

timeless interior
lovely zone.

Alexandra Druesne,
interior style writer
of the Beta-Plus Home Series
selected 500 so-lovely-it-hurts designs.

And because I adore you,
you are invited into

* t h e  z o n e *

to share a glorious glimpse...

*please pronounce this the French way*

*sorry, i get a little bossy in the zone*

The deliciously weighty treasure
(lifting the book is a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
even with the superhuman strength of these guns...)
features hundreds of the most beautiful
and inspirational interiors images.

Do consider
to your library
if you too fancy
losing yourself

inquiring minds
on planet michele
 must know...

What makes it 'timeless' to you?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Oooh, you wicked girl, you! Yet ANOTHER book to tempt me with!! 'The Lovely Zone' - I love that!!! Well, I like it in the L zone and I'm not leaving till I'm thrown out!!


  2. "The lovely zone", sorry but it made me laugh. Yet another fabulous book I'm going to have to orderr since I love the beta-plus books. I'm with you love timeless rooms. Thanks for the suggestion.....

  3. Ohhh so lovely! I haven't seen this book before so I will have to add it too my list! Your photos are gorgeous! Happy weekend! x

  4. Loving my time in *the zone*, soothing, relaxing, beautiful, uncluttered spaces are just what I need right now!

    Meera xx

  5. Such a beautiful book, and I love the serene, and relaxing decor. Must add to my ever growing collection!!


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