QUIET LIVING...for your library

April 21, 2011

I love sharing treasures with you,
and these particular lovelies do double duty.

oh how i adore a beautiful book!

Not only will
(Lannoo Publishers)
enhance your "everyday,"
it will add more panache to
your bookshelf or coffee table
than you can shake a Faberge egg at.
sounds better than a stick, yes? too bad i don't
know a Faberge from a Cadbury.

Behold this gorgeous new gem by
p i e t   s w i m b e r g h e
j a n   v e r l i n d e 

This crazybeautiful book includes nearly
300 images of rural interior design in Europe.

Quiet Living
(Lannoo Publishers)
explores city homes and country estates,
and you will find more than simply
a "quiet" color palette inside.

Isn't this friendly and colorful and fantastic?

Truly I want to live inside the pages
of this exceptionally inspirational volume.

And I have another yummy pick from
Lannoo Publishers...

The Best Ideas for the Party of Your Dreams
Silver Spoon caterers
Bart Claessens and Guy van Dooren
is a must-own for anyone who wishes to
organize an enchanting party.

Even if it's not in your immediate plans
to organize a wedding reception in a monastery...
i know, i know, aren't you totally ready to see this?????

Party Inspirations is guaranteed to steal
your breath and your heart, providing all sorts of
"aha!" inspirations to make YOUR parties
more unforgettable.

This book is about attending to DETAILS,
whether it be weddings, showers, birthdays, baptisms,
or simple BBQs.

The photography is stunning, and it will
feel as though you received the inside scoop from
caterers to the elite.

Both Quiet Living and Party Inspirations
make lovely sophisticated hostess gifts!

Did you notice my fluffy white duvet peeking in some of
the images snapped? Truly these are GO-TO books for relaxing!

Or keep them for yourself,
and curl up in a duvet
for book basking bliss.

Stay lovely!

Oh, one more thing!
Please stop by this weekend
to read my interview with a
artist from Stockholm...

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  1. That Quiet Living book has shot straight up onto my wishlist. It looks LOVELY!! Do you get sent books to review or are these your very own? Jealous. Again. xxxxx

  2. Hi Sarah. You will love QUIET LIVING! I only take the time to review and share titles I'm passionate about and would recommend my friends invest in for their library.

    And when I write book reviews for magazines, they are always my picks, my honest choices regardless of what titles publishers may send my way.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Quiet Living, I need a little quiet in my life!

  4. I have stumbled upon your blog via Cindy (Romantic Home) and I love, love LOVE it!
    Have had a pick'n'mix thru' your posts until my eyes ache.
    I am going to have a little rest now!
    Z xx

  5. I could be lost for hours in these books. I will pop back to read your interview. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Quiet Living looks like it features just the kind of interiors that I love but could never pull off in my own home. But that doesn't stop me oooohing and awwwing for every image you've shown. Blissful... x

  7. It looks like a stunning book, and I love the 'quiet' images you've shown, so blissfully relaxing! The outdoor pictures are grabbing me as well as I've got a major outdoor bug this Easter - the weather has been GLORIOUS here and I am having lots of fun in the sun!

    Meera xx


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