PALE & INTERESTING...for your library

Pale & Interesting by Atlanta Bartlett & Dave Coote

I live in the midwest,
and sometimes it snows in April.

Snow in April frequently
makes it hard to get out of bed.

So when gloomy skies
and winds were howling
the other day,
I simply didn't
(get out of bed OR howl).

All snug and comfy in a fluffy 
down duvet with a favorite
new decor book, I hunkered down in
a nest of goodness.

(Ryland Peters & Small)

all photography by POLLY WREFORD

The title hints at a glimmer of what's inside.

Atlanta Bartlett
and Dave Coote
have a passion for design with
muted subtle shades I adore, and this book
illuminates how the couple create stylish
relaxed family homes.

Atlanta Bartlett's creed:

"Keep it simple,
keep it relaxed,
and keep it real."

The photography alone
(Polly Wreford)
takes one's breath away but what
makes the book such a treasure to own
is the inspiration, suggestions, and cleverness
weaved through the text.

omg i love this styling

These designers have a quirky, easy, effortlessly elegant
style...and the book makes that style more accessible.

Pale & Interesting is also a delightful online shop.

Pretty certain you will appreciate MIXING IT UP
which is a lesson in the bold art of contrast.

Fall in love with...
pale and airy,
decor that won't break the bank,
and tranquil color schemes.

Fall in love with
(Ryland Peters & Small).

Oh and and talk to you find pale
decor interesting and lovely????

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  1. Ooh I love this book, and indeed, all books by Atlanta Bartlett. Adore the effortless, easy-going vibes in the images.

    I hope you're soaking up the sun in Arizona! I've been a little absent from blogworld as the man and I are having a rare time of 11 days off work and the weather is still lovely, so we've made a pact to stay away from technology as much as possible and enjoy the outdoors. It's wonderful :-)

    Meera xx

    P.S. - A real picnic as friends would be so lovely, I can imagine us sat by a lake chatting away all day. Brie and pesto fondue sounds A-MAZING! I can come with tiramisu for dessert, if you like :-)

  2. I'm a definite "yes" on this book. From the morsel you've shown, it looks delicious! I happen to be one of those who crave the pale and interesting. Living among these colors, textures and furnishings quiets my mind and soothes my soul.

  3. Guess that's a book that will be on Everyones List.... Beautiful Photos!


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