Books: Pia Jane Bijkerk {made by hand}

March 14, 2011

I found two little gems
just oozing with
created by visionary stylist

p  i  a    j  a  n  e    b  i  j  k  e  r  k

Pia is a fabulous photographer and author
who has explored the most atmospheric studios
in Paris and Amsterdam and now
generously shares lovely secret handmade finds
in these books which are
simply. enchanting.

we are led to more than
50 shops and studios offering the best of
original decorative objects in Paris.
(How incredible would it be to plan
a treasure seeking trip with this book as a guide??)

reveals the real Amsterdam
Pia knows well (she lived there on a houseboat!),
and here she has thoughtfully catalogued sources for
one of a kind clothing, props, and accessories
she utilizes as a nationally recognized stylist.

In an interview she granted to Design*Sponge, we learn


“What draws me is the fact that each handmade item has the unique handprint of each of its creators.”

Isn't that beyond lovely???

And this insider tip...

“I think overstyling is a common mistake.
Its a soft, natural look that we are loving at the moment,
and trying to create it can be tricky so I suggest
being a little more carefree with placements,
but not careless”

To learn more about Pia and her "everyday enhancing" work, visit her site.


Do you have a busy week planned?
Hang in there, and be sure to balance
it with quiet moments to allow
gratitude to fill you up and uncover
secret reserves of energy and productivity...

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  1. Hi Michele,
    That sounds like a lovely book to own. I always need help with placement of my little treasures. I love the simple little images that you showed.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I'm back for your newest post, M!

    You always impress me! This post is just so beautiful, sweetie.

    I hope this week will be calmer. Last week was CRAZY! I didn't stop and my mood was terrible! LOL


    Luciane at

  3. OMG OMG! I recently updated my bookshop with Pia's books and now you write about them! We are on the same wavelength! I adore Pia's work and books, and I'm looking forward to her new one.

    I am going to take your advice about balancing the week with some quiet moments. There are a hoard of thoughts and ideas wandering aimlessly in my head and I'm having trouble finding the ones that are relevant to the job at hand. I think some quiet would help!

    Loved your comment today! I'm feeling exactly the same.

    Meera xx

  4. The unique hand print of each of it's creators,I love that. That sums up the beauty of handmade perfectly. Those books look really fun and interesting. I love the shots. Simple is good.

  5. I've heard of these books. I'd LOVE to do a trip round Paris with this as my tour guide. I think there's a London one too. I might pop over to Amazon and, I'm wrong....there's not!!

    Well, there SHOULD be!!


  6. these books are incredible, and i'm savoring them because there is so much goodness inside. yes, sarah, totally inspires me to go to these places featured!

    i love this handmade revolution we're seeing--so so refreshing!


  7. Isn't Pia amazing! And I am not a bit surprised that you gravitate toward her style.

    I enjoyed your comment about you being raised by Swedish posers. You are funny!

    I will go to Sweden within the next few weeks (to care for my old Mom). I will bring some Wettex cloths back to you!

    Warm hugs,


  8. hopefully my parents and their friends don't read these blogs, Mon! otherwise their posing days are ovah!

    i love those Wettex! you're sweet.


  9. M,

    I just drop by to see if there was a new post. I'm going downtown soon. My daughter is with me and she loved your ballerina shoes! She's my little ballerina.. :-)

    Have a nice day, sweetie!


    Luciane at


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