Artist Inspiration: Will Cotton

March 03, 2011

I know you recognize Katy,
but do you know the
talented artist behind this image?

W I L L  C O T T O N

created the art for Katy Perry's Teenage Dream cd.

Am I the only one compelled
to create candy tiaras???? omg.
Is this already the NEXT BIG BLOG THING
and I'm just unaware?????

On with the mini art show...

my fruit rollup strapless is similar...but c'mon...tailoring, TAILORING, people.

These sweeeeeeet surrealist paintings
by Will Cotton are feminine chic and light as air.

so you love the irony of the artist's name and frequent subject matter?

just where does one display a Will Cotton? wouldn't it wake up a minimalist already brilliant space by Kara Mann?

yo bloggers: let's add DIY cupcake liner bustiers to the tutorial list.
If you are an artist stumbling upon this post
and your specialty is surrealist oils on canvas of bloggers
in cupcake tiaras/fruit leather, today is your lucky day!
This blogger is available...
just kidding...
no, I'm not.
See more Will Cotton here.

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I love the bedroom and the bed. Beautiful blog.

  2. Those are such cool images, I love the ethreal quality of them. And I totally want to wear a cupcake on my head!!! x

  3. And I thought I had a cake obsession, ha! At least he turns his into lovely art.

    A cupcake liner bustier... now that's creative! :)

    Meera xx

  4. This is all new to me! Thank you, M for teaching me something today! :-)

    You're right, his work would look fantastic (and delish) in that room... sweeeet! ;-)

    Have a amazing weekend, pretty girl!


    Luciane at

    PS: thank you for your comment. You always make me laugh!

  5. I want my own cloud. And I want one now!! Please?!

    Was it just me who wanted to giggle at the rude picutres? Oh, it was?!! The shame!


  6. Cupcake bustiers??? Now...thats something we can really use! ; )
    P.S. Very cool art!

  7. oh, shame, SARAH! next time i'll throw in a warning at the beginning ('boobs ahead').

    u guys are tempting me to write a real tutorial for the cupcake liner bustier. i mean I NEED MORE FOLLOWERS! :)


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