My Home: My Swing

February 02, 2011

swing + indoors = good good therapy
(and only slightly less provocative than Pamela Lee's trapeze.)

Funk-ified my office
this winter with a $16
Ekorre swing,
received a swing for Christmas,
and may commission a custom two-seater
from husband which would make it a collection!

Here's the view from swing
(cowhide from Ikea and i actually
assembled the glass table myself!).

More charming swing-ibilities:

emmas blogg
i want to live inside this photo.

emmas blogg

sexy! Casa Redonda Hotel - Puerto Rico
via ouno design

so at home in a loft!

Bewitching swing that sparked my obsession
in Gwyneth Paltrow's Tribeca home.

Crafted from an Indian door.

via ouno design
Interesting in such a moody space.

What the h? How bout a slide?

Architect Alex Michaelis became the coolest dad on the planet with this baby.

Shall we now obsess about crazyfun stairs?

very spinal column-y

geometric drama, mama.

Bet they make guests sign a waiver.


i hate it when i have too much storage

How will you inject fun into your haven?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Michele - you are fun!!

    I have been wanting to put in a swing in William's room but I am not sure we have ceilings strong enough and I assume it needs to be attached to some beam. Right?

    Warm hugs to you.


  2. I'm loving the swing in your office! I totally want one now. What a cool idea and what a cool space :)

    (I so would not get any work done though... Hmm.)

  3. LOOOOVE your swing!! How fun! This post is so great, so many fun spaces. Love the swings with the stairs, kids would be the envy of all their friends! Idea bookmarked for future when I have a grown-up house and kids :)

    Meera xx

  4. Betsy the cowhide rug? Or Dora? Leni? :-p

  5. confession: it IS hard to get work done with the swing.

    but it breaks up the monotony.

    i'm taking all those names under advisement, Meera! thank you and keep em comin.


  6. A swing... your office always comes to my mind, you know? It's weird.. but I think I have a crush on your swing! lol

    I love swings since I was a kid... nothing could make me happier. I never thought of having one inside of my house (of course you're more creative than I am!) and I just love your idea. Actually I everything in your office.

    Cowhide name? Mooooo? lol Really? Maybe not... hide the cow? nooo.. humm.. "Horton"? Yes, I do read Dr. Seuss at least 2x a day to my kids! :-)


    Luciane at

  7. you crack me up! and we're even cuz i have a crush on your blog--just knowing i have a ton of inspiration when i feel stuck is awesome.

    HORTON is now under consideration. never met a swing i didn't like! true!

  8. What a fun idea to have a swing in the house! I bet it's a real stress-reliever. I have the old swing from my grandparents house, and perhaps I can convince my husband to install it somewhere in our home!
    Happy REDnesday!

  9. TWO swings? You lucky ducky! But, I suppose with all your business that it's good therapy!

  10. I absolutely love your swing images! Spring truly has sprung.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. love indoor swings! it is always such a fun surprise in a home. Those inspiration pics are amazing!
    Thanks for joining in at Transformations and Treasures!

  12. I had a swing in my bedroom when I was growing up and I loved it. I've seen that ikea swing!!! so cool! great blog.

    your new follower,

  13. Love it! It makes a really fun space. We also hung one in our basement remodel (along with a slide.)

  14. I love your swing. What a fun idea. Some of those stairs are amazing. Wouldn't any kid love a slide in the house!!

  15. Your swing is so much fun!!!! I love your office.

    I would love a slide in the house! I would have a blast. :)

  16. Love the swing...that is going to be so much fun! I use to have an egg shaped wicker swing in my bedroom when I was a teen...good times!
    Also, great pics...that slide next to the stairs is amaing!!

  17. That is such a fun idea! Looks great in your office :) Thanks for linking up at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.


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