Modern Decor Inspiration: Katarina Malmstrom Brown

February 23, 2011

Swedish born photographer

K a t a r i n a   M a l m s t r o m   B r o w n
is based in London
and snaps luscious interiors
such as these.

Of course I'm into this modern painting--so renegade.

Toying with the idea of charcoal grey or
black and white striped walls somewhere
Sarah Richardson's
herringbone (SR73) is a chic possibility.

all images Katarina Malmstrom Brown

HA! Would you dare?
This would actually make sense
in our basement since the bath
will have no natural light!
What is UP with the donut rug?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Ha, SNAP! :)

    I love Katarina's portfolio, very edgy. That herringbone colour is très chic!

    LOVE that little bathroom and how the natural light is worked into the room. It even has it's own chandelier! Very cool.

    Hmm, I'm indifferent to the donut rug.

  2. Thank you for the sweet mention. I LOVE your beautiful blog!

  3. Michele, I am so glad I have met you in blog land. You are such a doll!

    And of course I love anything with a Swedish connection. Lots of white but edgier than most Swedes (you can tell that she lives in hip London).

    I also LOVE your art pieces, Michele! 5 stars! Everything looks fantastic!

    Warm hugs to you, Mon


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