New York Apartment Inspiration: Jenna Lyons in Brooklyn

February 01, 2011

Scroll right by if you're 
these ancient oversaturated photos
of her Brooklyn pad
featured in Domino, Living Etc.,
and every cranny of the blogosphere.

But I'm so not over 'em yet!

J. Crew Creative Director
Jenna Lyons
has one charming nest.

How adorable are these 'naked' chairs!?! Who needs upholstery!

Are you over these yet?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. You just made my day girl!!! I LOVE these images! All I can say is you are one talented girl with amazing taste!


  2. Hello lovely! I still keep coming back to this fab home too - the YELLOW sofa, the awesome nursery, the darling urban garden, the closet! Swoon swoon!

    (Discovered you via Swoon Worthy, your blog is utterly DELIGHTFUL!)

    Meera xx

  3. :)YAY! thx, Desiree. means a lot coming from such a classy lady. still not sure where i fit in blogland, ya know? i'm eclectic, love creativity, and am a tad neurotic.

    pleased to meet you, Meera. i know! that nursery! genius.


  4. I could never tire of these images, that dressing room is to die for, the black walls in the bedroom, the gorgeous rustic bathroom. It's honestly just perfection. Love love love!

    And yay! Meera meet Michele, Michele meet Meera. :)

  5. Over them???? I've not seen them before. They're increidble. Where did she find all that cool stuff? Everything in that house is just gorgeous. I want it all. Yes, aaallllll!


  6. Hello, my friend!

    Did you have a good day? I'm so sleepy now, but this post is waking me up! I love it... truly! Every single room is pure charm! That black master?! Wow! I would never do that but I'd love to sleep there.. so cozy... I could sleep all day... yeah, if I didn't 2 small children, maybe. :-)

    Thank you so much for your comment. You know how much I love them.


    Luciane at

  7. so much to learn here. she's so so good at editing and the kitchen feels so CLEAN.


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