Decor Inspiration: Decorating With Books

February 03, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld's housekeeper
recently had a psychotic break after
swiffering these stacks.

Okay, she didn't.
Oh, man I hope she didn't.
But I would.
Karl! Shoes!
I just polished that table!

graham and green

This is not a post about fashion.
It is about books...
living with them,
loving them,
touching them,
devouring them,
displaying them,
and feeling the comfort they
bring to rooms we want to be in. 

arianna vivenzio

How cool are modern elastic banded shelves?


I am in a silly mood
and picturing my husband's face
if I dragged this home and was all
"Honey! Now we have a place for
your collection of  C.S. Lewis!"

omer unal

Clever, omer.

thornton and bregazzi

Still adore how the Preen designers
propped up their telly.
Help me, I remain addicted to
images of their West London home
after blogging about it here.

saurah adaci

Womb-like and I WANT.

graham moss

Have you seen lovely art made from
discarded books on etsy?

isaac salazar

I love books.
Especially nonfiction.
Soon I will write one.
I don't allow myself to keep too many.
So the ones kept are like precious friends.
Today I started The Girl with No Shadow
(sequel to Chocolat).

Read anything special lately? 

Peace to you right where you are.







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  1. I LOVE those book art pieces. I'm dashing over RIGHT NOW to look.

    Oh, and you made me really laugh with your 'Karl! Shoes!'

    You should live closer to me so we could be proper friends. ;-)


  2. How funky those elastic bands are, never seen anything like it! And yes, like Sarah, I'm loving the book ones, just amazing.

    I left a little present on my blog for you, go mosey on over and check it out ;)

  3. Aren't books great! I love those Graham and Green baroque frames - going to get a few next time I make a trade order :)

    Now you've shown that art from old books, I want! "Dream" for me, I build a lot of castles in the air :)

    Meera x


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