Cottage Style Inspiration: California Cottages

February 07, 2011

Once upon a time,
an internet addict
a hormonal but adorable vixen
a curious blogger
stumbled upon
two cute Cali cottages
in cyberspace.

Each beachy abode had
a slightly different vibe created.
by its respective designer.

Ms. Blogger wondered:
Which cottage would lovely visitors choose
to live out their happily ever after?

COTTAGE #1: Sweetness

Cheerfully sweet as candy,
this tiny 1938 gem was decorated
with flea market finds by
Krista Ewart.

Turquoise and red make such good friends.

Youthful and enchanting
with its Skittles colors
and Dutch door and frig...
suppose that's Corona or bottles of 
organic nectar crap in the fancy icebox?

Is your tooth achin yet?

Let's turn to something fabulous
to cleanse our palates just now...

busy being fabulous

Ah, that's better.

COTTAGE #2: Swede-ness

Welcome to a Venice, Cali
Scandinavian and sea-inspired
beauty designed by Alexandra Angle.

Breezy chic.

We absolutely will not
obsess here about how I want need
beadboard near my stairs!

LHM (lord have mercy)
how to keep up with the handprints,
the cream cheese schmears and the
mystery smudges no one will own up to!


Great spot for an afternoon
date with a stack of shelter mags or what?

Crisp, clean, quiet, and natural.

Sweetness or Swede-ness?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. I can't choose! I can't choose! *head explodes*


    Ok, if I had a gun to my head (and in this case, I imagine that gun would be gorgeously patterned and decidedly pretty), I would have to choose sweetness. The textiles! That pink Smeg fridge! The abundance of flowers! Oh it's so feminine, it hurts. I have to say, however, I can't imagine that a man lives here. But wow, is that stunning. I'm voting Corona myself, would just make it that much better.

  2. Michele! Michele!

    I like the first one, but the second one is my FAV by far!!! I love all the softness and calmness of this space. All the white and light blues... stunning!!!! Stunning! (Gosh, why am I repeating words today?).

    I hope you're having a great day already! We're getting yet another snow storm! I'm thinking about moving to Fiji... Do you want to come? :-)


    Luciane at

  3. Hi my friend, you would think I would chose no. 2 - being the Swede I am. But nope - I found myself really liking no. 1! It is so fun and unique plus I need to add some more colors to my own home. To dare more!

    The cat is hilarious. That is one content kitty!

    Warm hugs to you,


  4. I'd go for the second as well! Although I prefer the styling and photos in the first. I want to have tongue and groove in our hall too. Apparently white can be good because it's so easy to paint I;ve heard but I'll believe it when I see it!!

    Big hug, gorgeous girl.

    Hey, do you fancy doing a guest post over at mine sometime?


  5. my head is exploding too, Red. i can't decide cuz i know i should take more risks like Mon and go for #1 but if i was true to myself it'd be #2 like L. and Sarah.

    :) michele

    p.s. i'd love to guest at your fine blog, Sarah! i'll need my hand held tho as it'll be a first. i'll email u as you're prob busy with party preparations.

  6. Way to cleanse the palette after the first cottage, Michele! Certainly did the job, I'd got all drooly over the candy-sweetness of the first.

    The second is darling! I love your description of it - 'breezy chic'. It's charming and very liveable.

    But... I am inexplicably drawn to the first one. It looks so... HAPPY! Maybe it's because I'm craving a bright colourful escape from the dull dreary weather here (I'm originally Equatorial, so winters get hard for me when they go on for so long). I also know my hubby would stay well away from #1, but right now, I don't care, I'm picking the first one!

    Meera xx

  7. Thank you SOOOOOO much for your link to the you tube chickpox song. You are a sweetiepie.

    I'm going to play it to my son tomorrow. He'll love it!

    Big hug, you lovely,


  8. Thank you for sending me this link, I loved looking at both cottages! I of course love them both, but I would have to say #1... I mean it has a pink fridge for cryin out loud!

  9. combine them both and i would have my perfect house. there are so many ideas just in these photos.


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