Artist Inspiration: Wedding Photography from Tec Petaja

January 26, 2011

So many blissful snaps of love
and I DO from photographer
Tec Petaja.


Love your snappin', Tec!

Simple and brilliant details.

all images Tec Petaja

So don't be shy now.
Tell me about your wedding photos...
lover-ly snaps or uggur-ly snaps?
I cherish ours, but I had no personal
style back then so there was over the top glam!

p.s. ugger-ly is not half bad for today's
made-up word, eh?

Peace to you right where you are.

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  1. Hi Michele, thank you for your visit - so that I could find you and your lovely blog! Fresh and interesting! (And I want your wooden croquet box!)

    We got married 10 years ago and the wedding photo style was not so spontanious and personal back then. But I married a really good guy who says he wants to re-marry me -- so I might get a new photo opportunity! (:

    Let's stay in touch.

    ox, Mon

  2. Hello M! :-)

    How are you doing today? I love this idea.. so romantic! The last picture is simply amazing! His face! Wow!! So happy to be with her.

    My photos wasn't professionally done but it tuned out to be great.. they're very natural. I like them. :-)

    I hope you aren't getting too much snow... we're having a storm today!

    Have a great day, sweetie!


    Luciane at

  3. My wedding photos are nothing like this. All very formal and staged. I'd love ones like this. Aren't they gorgeous?



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