Artist Inspiration Ever-chic Work of Malik

January 28, 2011

It's freezing cold outside
The trees are bare.
The sky is one great big grey cloud.
Today we need a diversion.

Let's enter a fantasy land
of the ever-chic
M  A  L  I  K
 shall we?

I love these fanciful ladies dancing off the painting.

Isn't Mr. Malik Saaka's imagination amazing?

This is a piece I recently commissioned
which features an explosion of...


How cool would this energetic Malik piece be
in a Soho loft
in a French villa
in the oval office
in a bitchen teepee
or a Malibu shangrila?

And this dream would feel most at home
in the Louvre.

Religious references often show up
in his work.

(I'm crazy about her, Malik, if you're reading this
and I'm hoping you will comment at the end if you are!)

Malik already knows how I feel about
this fabulous one!


I am a fan and friend of this handsome
and intelligent emerging artist and
blogged previously here.

All his art is for sale,
and the work just may carry you
to ever-chic otherworlds.

(Which is lovely since suddenly
 the frozen forest outside
seems not so forlorn and hopeless
as I am reminded
is simply resting for a little while.)

Peace to you right where you are.







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  1. I mean,
    As michelle said this stuff is pretty dope.
    And has longevity, (they would make great heirlooms) and are fairly cheap considering how much the works will be work in a relatively short time.
    So if you're considering commissioning a piece you should.


  2. These are amazing!!!! I am completely speechless. What a talented artist.

  3. I love your little art shows. These are very cool and unique. I love the quirky style! :)

  4. thank you for reading, Malik! you are fabulous and your stuff IS incredibly dope (addictive too). when i study your work i instantly imagine histories and other dimensions of time and there is something very sacred and unspoken in each detail of each ruffle and headpiece. love!

    thx for reading Jo and Donna--it's so much fun to share what makes my heart race. have gushed in other places about brilliant Louisiana artist George Marks who told me he appreciated how i was "leveraging the role of the artist" which is such a pleasure to do. creativity and imagination and artful expression are GOLD, and deserve to be honored.

  5. I'm absolutely fascinated by that pointing finger. The colours on it look so perfect somehow.

    They're LOVELY!


  6. Hello, my sweet friend!

    How was your weekend? I hope you had a great time!

    It's sunny here today, but still very cold -25C! I just need to get a plane to Mexico! :-)

    Listen... this post is so fun, colorful and informative! I love all the colors he uses but must say that the one with turquoise is my favorite! I want it! :-)

    Have a wonderful week, my friend! Many hugs to you.. and cheer up! This cold and gray skies will go away soon. :-)


    Luciane at

  7. i love his turquoise stuff too. hope he is inspired to paint more with this palette!

    still choosing frames for my art and will post a photo when it's in place.


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