Artist Inspiration: Sufjan Stevens

November 06, 2010

Love this artist/singer/songwriter in all his vulnerability and heart.

Futile Devices - lyrics

it's been a long long time since i memorized your face
it's been four hours now since i 've wandered through your place
and when i sleep on your couch i feel very safe
and when you bring the blankets i cover up my face
i do love you
i do love you
and when you play guitar i listen to the strings buzz
the metal vibrates underneath your fingers
and when you crochet i feel mesmerized and proud
and i would say 'i love you' but saying it out loud
is hard, so i won't say it at all
and i won't stay very long
but you are the life i needed all along
i think of you as my brother although that sounds dumb
and words are futile devices

Peace to you right where you are.

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