Classic Decor Inspiration: 12 inspirations from Sarah Richardson

August 20, 2010

1. The power of pink.

2. Ceiling fretwork in an otherwise quiet room.

3. Art works hung with 4" spacing in mind.

4. A console table that's there, but it isn't.

5. A bag of metal shells can become art.

6. Horizontal stripes rule (unless they're vertical...those rule too).

7. Crisp and clean always wins.

8. Beachy doesn't always entail a lifesaver on the wall.

9. Lucite curtain rods work it in a closet.

10. Laundry room chic = laundry rooms do not have to look like laundry rooms.

11. Grayed down colors are not depressing to live with when you get them right.

12. Soft and feminine can also feel modern.

Sarah Richardson always gets it right.
And I think it's because
she gets it.
Functional beauty, smart design, and classic with a twist.

Peace to you right where you are.

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